Assembling Your Morning Routine


The morning is the most important part of the day. How we spend the morning usually dictates how the rest of the day will go.

Many famous people of our day have morning routines that point their day in the right direction.

• Steve Reinemund, former CEO of Pepsi, does a four-mile run at 5:00 am followed by prayer, reading the news and eating breakfast.

• Michelle Gass, the president of Starbucks, wakes up at 4:30 am and goes running. She believes her morning routine has helped boost her happiness and success.

These people carefully fashioned their morning routines to fit their lifestyle and set them on the right track each day.

Now You

Now it’s your turn. By combining different elements, you can shape and fashion your morning routine to fit your needs and wants.

A lot of times your morning routine will start with your priorities. For instance, my morning routine starts with ten minutes of doing my Word of Life devotional.

Here are some things you may want to include in your morning routine:

•Reading a chapter of the Bible


• Praying

• Brushing your teeth

• Reading

• Thinking

• Weighing

• Running

• Cleaning

• Making your bed

• Washing your face

• Journaling

After you have decided what to include, figure out how long each thing should take and put it all together to see how long your routine should be. If you find it hard to remember to start the next thing, get 30/30. It is a free app on the iOS AppStore for getting to the next task.

You’re all set!

After you’ve assembled your morning routine, please share it with others through the comments.

If you already have a morning routine, what benefits do you feel come from having one?

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Here is where I found information on some famous people’s morning routines: It is pretty interesting! Go check it out.

Curious about my routine? Here it is:)

Wake 7:00 am

Devotional-ten minutes

Prayer-five minutes

Journaling-fifteen minutes

Goal Set/Day Plan-five minutes

Brush Teeth-five minutes

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