5 Tips For Reading For All It’s Worth

Most of us would like to read more, but sometimes it’s a struggle to stay awake, or we just want to do something else with our free time.

Hopefully I can give you some new ideas on reading more and reading for all it’s worth.

1. Choose a time each day that you regularly read. I read at 7 am most of the time or if I’m particularly enjoying a book I’ll read whenever I have time. Choose a time that most days you can spend that time reading. Don’t choose a time when you usually feel too tired to read.

2. Plan how long you will read. I read for twenty minutes, but you may feel more or less is better suited to you.

3. Don’t force yourself to read whole books. Read some of it, and if you start to get bored of it, stop reading and go on to learn from other books. If you saw a chapter you thought earlier would be interesting, skip to it, but otherwise, give up wading through boredom to get to what might be good content. (I got this tip from a blogger named Michael Hyatt at http://www.michaelhyatt.com, but I have found this to be super helpful.)

4. Read book reviews. Either from me, other bloggers, or the Amazon customer review system. Find trusted sources, and you will find good books.

5. Get a nice environment. Light a candle, get under a blanket, only have the right amount of light, and make it quiet. Get a nice environment, and it will help your concentration a lot.

I hope these tips gave you some ideas or will help you in the future.

If you have a tip of your own (or one you discovered) please share it in the comments.

If you read a book you really enjoy, please send in a book review with your name and email, and it may get posted!

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  1. There are different kinds of readers. For me, I have to read a whole book in one go out I won’t be able to sleep, as I’ll be stressing what will happen in the next chapters.