The Spiritual Disciplines (part II)

This is the second part of a two-part series about prayer and Bible reading. This post will focus on prayer.

Christians and non-Christians all see prayer as important. I know this because they pray whenever they’re in a life-threatening situation. But how do we turn prayer from a last option to a first resort? Well, I think it starts with a belief; it continues with discipline, and as you go, it will bring you closer to God. I’ll explain the belief; give you a few tips with the discipline part, and explain how it brings you closer to God.

It Starts With A Belief
It’s a belief that prayer works. It’s a belief that you’re not just talking to the ceiling. It’s a belief that God hears you.

Once we believe, we will pray.

Do you believe prayer works? Do you really? Do you ever feel like God doesn’t hear your prayers? I know I do. I doubt. I wonder. I say, “God, please make me feel like you hear me.” Though I have not yet found my answer completely, I think it’s Bible reading. When we read the Bible, we see God. We see him moving in the lives of people like us. We see them pray, and we see God answer. So it makes sense that seeing people pray and seeing God answer will influence us.

It Continues With Discipline
Maybe you already believe prayer works, but you just can’t maintain the habit. Maybe you get distracted, or maybe you just don’t know what to pray for. Whatever the case, here are some tips to start and maintain the habit of prayer.

Tip #1
Download an app on the Apple AppStore titled “Suru”. It’s not really meant for organizing prayer requests, but it works great for just that. Once you download it, you’ll probably understand how I use it, but if you want me to explain just use the email in the “Contact Me” page to email me and ask for a quick tutorial.

Tip #2
Have a time each day that you pray. This can be before you go to work, on your way to work, or before you go to bed. Don’t worry about how much you pray until you’ve gotten into the habit.

Tip #3
Ask God to help you develop the habit of prayer. This might seem strange, considering you’re praying to ask God to help you pray more, but believe me, it helps.

Tip #4
Be flexible. Pray whenever you can. Don’t save prayer for the five minutes before you go to bed; utilize the opportunity throughout the day.

It Brings You Closer To God
As you pray, you learn to see His will. You learn about God as you pray. You learn of His love and patience for you. Your faith is strengthened. You will find peace. You will gain insight. You will be changed.

Now Go Pray!
Go through this post again, and write down a few specific steps you need to take on your journey. Then go do it.

Do you ever wonder if God doesn’t hear your prayers? What do you do when you feel this? Please comment with your insights.

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  1. Ah, yes. That’s the amazing thing about God’s plan. Even though things don’t go our way we can still trust Him. It’s hard, especially in today’s world, but with patience, we can learn to sing “Only Trust Him.”


  2. Very helpful, Levi. The habit of praying or talking with God, ad I call it, helps me to stay close to Him. I never feel God doesnt hear my prayers, in fact I know he knows them even before I pray. However, I sometimes wondet why He doesnt seem to answer them. When I get these feelings, I first if all tell Satan to get away from me as I trust my God and secondly, I pray for Gods strength and patience. I also try to remind myself that sometimes I dont see the answes but He is handling the situation and I dont always need to know how.