How to Set Goals For the New Year

I hope you are all doing well this New Year’s Eve.

I know I posted something on New Year’s Resolutions awhile back (like closer to last year), but I just wanted to add what I’ve learned and some resources I’ve found.


-Be specific.
I said this before, but it’s worth repeating. Never make a goal that is not specific! If you want to explore photography this new year, don’t simply say to someone nearby, “I am going to start being a photographer this year!” Instead, write down on a piece of paper something like “Take a class on photography,” which brings me to the next tip.

-Write it down.
There are studies that indicate writing down your goals with paper and ink does something to help you achieve them. Also, many people (including me) have found their old goals and discovered many of them were completed without really trying. Whether this means the goals weren’t big enough or if writing them down actually helped, I don’t really know. But it’s always good to try.

-Keep quiet.
Once you’ve set your goals, don’t tell anyone! Telling others of your new goal tricks your brain into thinking you have completed it. So, try to only tell one or two people that you know will keep you accountable to your goal. To see more about this, see this article from Michael Hyatt.

What will you do when you get discouraged or want to quit?
What will you do every day or every week to make sure you hit your goal?
What will you do on days when you just don’t want to take the needed steps to reach your goal?
Plan all of this, and you will probably get a lot farther.

I’m a Christian, and one who believes God should affect all areas of life, so this is a crucial step for me. I know that if I try to do anything on my own, I’ll either do it for the wrong reasons or fail completely. So I pray that God would expose any ill-intentioned goals, and that He will help me with those that are going in the right direction.


-A very helpful video from John Piper’s Look At the Book series titled: New Year’s Resolutions. It explores the question of if Christians should even set New Year’s Resolutions based on 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12.

-Another article on goal setting from Tim Challies, a Christian blogger with a site full of amazing resources and very smart posts. Click here to view that.

-Yet another article from Michael Hyatt, a popular blogger on productivity and blogging, which brings up a question: Are you allowed to blog about blogging? Michael Hyatt does it well, so I’m inclined to say yes:) Click here to view his article.

Alright! That’s all I have for you today! I’ll be blogging more often this new year, hopefully about once every two weeks, so I’ll see you later!

What is one area of life that you want to set a goal in this year? As Life2.015 loads onto our smartphones and calendars, I challenge you to set a goal and make a plan. Whether it’s in the area of personal fitness, new hobbies, time with loved ones, or spending more time in the Word, please comment and let me know. But uh… Don’t say exactly what it is, as we discussed earlier:)

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If you haven’t subscribed, please do. Currently I have 28 people who get my posts delivered to them. Please help me bump that up this year.

May God our Father bless you this new year. See you next time.

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