The Future of this Site in 2015

Hello, all! Most of you reading this are likely reading through email. To you that are, thank you! It encourages me to think of the people who get my post by email when I click “publish.” I hope you are all encouraged by what I write.

When new years begin, everyone tends to look back at the last year, then take a look at what they see or hope to see in the future. Here is what I plan to do with this blog in 2015.

Posting Frequency

Just posting 1-2 times every month could double my output, but I’m hoping to do 2-3 monthly. Either way, I want to do more. Hopefully that will become a reality.

New (and old) Categories

I hope to better categorize my blog and keep variety in balance. In this effort, I have created a few different titles for different types of posts. Here they are:


I would like to focus on a particular passage now and then, first on James, then going on to the epistles of Paul or maybe even Gospels.


I believe if you are influenced by someone, you should know more about the context of their life, who they are, how they live, and what they want. So this is me doing for others what I would want them to do for me. And I like talking about myself. In the best possible sense.


I have kind of done a few of these already, but now I have a title for them! These are just answers to common problems. Or answers to problems you don’t really think about. Or just a list of tips on one subject. Either way, they should be of help to you.


Basically, I try to take a spiritual discipline of the faith and give you tips and encouragement to do them. Like I did awhile ago on my posts about prayer and Bible reading.


This comes from the phrase “learn something new every day,” but I wanted it shorter. These are posts where I share with you something I have learned recently; in a TED Talk, a conversation, a podcast, or– gasp!- my schoolwork:) I learn lots of interesting things that I bet you will like to hear about.


Posts that are 100% scripture. So I would just line up a bunch of Bible verses about a subject, then weave them together to form a theme. At the end, I would leave all the references if you want to look them up.

Many Others

Of course, there are many other types of posts that I think of doing in my head, so don’t be surprised if I veer off my usual path.


I want to release an email newsletter course that will help you read the Word, and then later, courses helping you start other habits, like memorization, prayer, and exercise.


I would like to have 75 people getting my posts by email when we all yell “Happy New Year!” in 2016. Now, I’m not really going to focus on it that much, because it’s very much out of my control, but there is something that you can do! Steal a friend’s email address and put it into my little subscribe box! No, just kidding, seriously, don’t do that, just a joke. Instead, when I post something you like, share it on FaceBook or Twitter, or just tell someone about it. Thank you for reading this post, and have a very nice winter.


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