Memorize with Me: Mathew 27:27-28:10

In these forty-six days before Resurrection Sunday, you probably want to do something to remember the death and resurrection of our Lord. May I suggest something? How about we memorize the story right from the Bible! Now, before you go somewhere else, listen to me. It’s about eight verses each week, with Sundays being for catch up and/or review. You can either work on the whole section every day, or split the verses up over the six days. I am estimating it should only take about ten minutes a day. Even fewer if you find a way to listen throughout some of your daily activities. The “pay-off” will be amazing. You will be glad you did it. Plus, the benefits of memorization for your brain are immense. So will you join me? If so, comment on this post and tell me. I will see your email address (but no one else will), and I will email you a short introductory outline of the six weeks and the memorization assignments for each one. At the beginning of each new week (starting on Monday), I will email you to remind you, encourage you, and help you. If you have any questions, just reply to the email. Also, if you like using the first letter of every word in memorization, I can email you that in ESV.
One thing:

Just like fasting, this is not a thing to make you more proud. So don’t tell anyone but someone who is really close to you and will help you, like your spouse, a parent, a sibling, or a really good friend.

Alright! Just comment on this post, then go read the passage. I will see you tomorrow.

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