My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

Ever since I discovered podcasts, I’ve loved them. Now, whenever I do chores or take a walk, I’m usually listening to a podcast. Just in case you don’t know, podcasts are like radio shows that you can download and listen to at your own convenience. Also, you don’t have to be anyone super popular to have a podcast, so you can find podcasts from many popular bloggers and pastors. If you would like to listen to podcasts, you can find them on the iOS app “Podcasts” or “Stitcher,” a popular choice for people using Android. Alright, here are my five favorite podcasts.

-Ask Pastor John (with John Piper)

This is a podcast where John Piper answers listener questions, and a clip of one of his sermons is shared on Wednesday. His answers are always biblical, kind, and interesting. You can find this podcast here.

-Living on the Edge (with Chip Ingram)

In this podcast, Chip Ingram, Pastor of Venture Christian Church, has sermons aired series by series. It’s a good podcast with good sermons that are interesting, encouraging, and engaging. Click here to view the web site.

-This is Your Life (with Michael Hyatt)

This is a self development/productivity podcasts specifically for leaders. I think it’s pretty neat and the show has a treasure trove of archives. Click here to view his website where you can also find the podcast.

-The Briefing (with Al Mohler)

Current events viewed with a Christian worldview. Awesome podcasts, very intriguing and very helpful. Find the podcast here.

-Read Aloud Revival (with Sarah Mackenzie)

A podcast about “shaping your family culture around books.” I would recommend this to anyone with a family. It’s awesome, it’s fun, and it’s helpful. Find the podcast and more here.

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  1. Your welcome, glad you figured it out, the world of podcasts is great and growing. I think it’s going to be a popular form of media in the next year or so. Thanks for reading the post and commenting!


  2. Thanks for these suggestions and links, Levi. I have been confused about podcasts and how they work and didnt realize I could download on my Kindle. I thought I had to have an IPod, which I dont have. I also dont have an IPhone so didnt know I could download podcasts on my Android phone and now I know I can do that too. Thank you.

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