Trouble Sleeping? 10 Tips for You

Do you have trouble sleeping? So do I. The bad thing about this is that your body is probably happy to stay asleep once you’ve gotten there, and there can be a temptation to skip your morning activities and head straight to work or school. So I have gathered tips from all over the web to help you get some shut-eye.

Throughout the day…

#1: Exercise

Exercising in the morning or afternoon greatly affects your quantity and quality of sleep.

#2: Read (Before Bed)

Reading for a few minutes before you turn out the light can help calm you down from a long day and give your brain something to think about before you nod off.

#3: Journal (Before Bed)

Let your thoughts flow, writing down what’s occupying your mind. This will help you stop thinking about them as much.

#4: Have an Evening Ritual

An evening ritual is a set of habits that will help you calm down and prepare for sleep. Also, after a time of sticking with roughly the same order, the ritual will tell your brain to prepare for sleep as you do it.

Last minute fixes…

#5: Imagine…

Imagine that you are sitting on a beach. You can feel the sand underneath you, and you can see the sun in the distance slowly starting to set. The waves pulse on the shore, and you see people taking walks up and down the pier.
Doing things like visualizing a pleasant place can help you fall asleep. You can try things like beaches, forests, rivers, or mountains.

#6: Be A Statue

Freeze your body into place once you’ve found a comfortable position to sleep. Scratch an itch if you need to, but focus on staying deathly still. This method works well in tandem with #5.

#7: Tell A Story

Tell a happy story to yourself. It can be real or imaginary. Don’t worry about the quality of the story, just get your mind thinking about something other than sleep.

Things to remember…

#8: Don’t Get In Bed Unless You’re Tired

Trying to fall asleep before you’re tired usually just makes it longer until you feel like sleeping. If you’re in bed, and you have trouble sleeping, think about taking a cue from some of the great thinkers of the past; that is, just get out of bed and do something useful! When you’re tired, get back in bed and sleep.

#9: Don’t Think About Sleep

Do anything you can to get your mind off of sleep. Thinking about it will only keep you up.

#10: Pray

God grants sleep to those He loves. Pray and ask God for sleep, and if that doesn’t work, He might have something He wants you to resolve.

Bonus: This article on sleep from Wikipedia will put anyone to sleep.

Questions: What things have helped you fall asleep? Why do you think sleeplessness is becoming more of a problem in America?

Hope it helps!

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  1. Hey, I wanted to tell you that I thought about this post last night when I was having trouble falling asleep. I may need to think about some of these things tonight, as it’s not going to be easy for me to fall alseep after the full, great evening we had! For me reading or doing something to get my mind off of sleep helps the most – even watching a movie. So, thanks for the helpful tips! Hope you sleep well tonight! Christina


  2. Levi, t hank you. Once in awhile I do have trouble getting to sleep, but not often. I have thought about getting up and doing something but usually I am too tired!
    Love you, Gramps!