Guest Post: Bible Reading Part One, Getting Started by Zach Pierpont

This is a guest post written by my cousin and friend, Zachary Pierpont. You can find him on Twitter (@ZachPierpont) and you can visit his blog,

I will be writing a two part series on bible reading.  The first post (this one) includes tips for getting started. In the second part I hope to include tips for continuing the habit and reading the bible everyday.

#1 Choose a time.

When you want to build a habit of bible reading, you will find it helpful if you choose a time that you’ll read each day. Try picking a time when you’ll have the least distractions. I would suggest trying a different time each day for a few days to help you decide which time works best for you.

#2 Keep reminders.

If you want to read your bible daily, you may need to be reminded several times throughout the day. You will find it helpful to keep your bible laying open to the place in which you’re currently reading. Set it somewhere where you will see it throughout the day. Also think about asking a friend if they could ask you at a certain time each day to see if you’ve read your bible yet. Doing this will help hold you accountable to getting it done.

#3 Find a good place.

When you reading the bible make sure you’re in a place without distractions so you can focus on what you’re reading.

#4 Choose a plan.

I have a few plans you might want to check out if you don’t have one yet.

  • Bible in 90 days (about 10 chapters a day) You can find that here.
  • New Testament challenge (40 days. About 5-7 chapters a day.) You can find that here.
  • Psalms and proverbs in 31 days. (One proverb and five psalms  daily.) You can find that here.
  • New Testament epistles and acts. (85 days. About two chapters a day) You can find that here.
  • The bible in one year. (About four chapters a day.) You can find that here.

#5 Pray

Before you begin reading each day, spend a few minutes in prayer. Ask God to give you wisdom while you’re reading. This will help you pay more attention and focus more on what you’re reading. -Zach Pierpont

I wrote a post like this awhile back at the beginning of my blog. It’s pretty humble, but you may find it helpful.

Do you have some tips for other Bible readers? Please share in the comments. You can find the next post in the series at

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