Spiritual Disciplines Series

Coming up on this blog: a series of how-to on each of the Spiritual Disciplines, laid out in Don Whitney’s (very good) book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.
The Spiritual Disciplines are not legalistic or boring. If practiced to somehow be more spiritual or have a spiritual prowess over others, then that would be legalistic. If practiced to be closer to Christ, then they are simply innocent exercises that facilitate the relationship. There will be times when your emotions aren’t so inclined to do these disciplines. But you will see that they do bear fruit. (This is as much preaching to myself as you, so don’t feel bad if you don’t feel like you measure up.)
Here is a list of each of the subjects we will be covering:

1. Hearing of God’s Word

I was surprised that this made it in to the list (specifically the hearing aspect), but I can understand it’s importance. We’ll study why this is important in the first post in the series. (I kind of wonder what the equivalent of this is for deaf people.)

2. Reading of God’s Word

Now, this makes more sense. We all know we need to read the Bible. I’ll talk about some how-to on this. (Or you can go right to two posts on this site that have been written on this subject here and here)

(The post about the two above has been written, you can find it here. I guess that makes three posts about Bible reading!)

3. Studying of God’s Word

Getting into what things meant in the first languages, checking commentaries, and applying it to specific actions in your life. (That’s what I think studying means.)

4. Memorization of God’s Word

This is one of my favorites because I’m a child, and it’s easier for children to memorize than adults. Don’t worry though, I’ll give you some tips that can help with young and old.

(This one has now been written, you can find it here.)

5. Meditation on God’s Word

Meditating on Scripture is of so much importance, yet so many people neglect and/or don’t know how to do it. I’ll share some insights from the book about it, and explain some ways you can meditate on the Word of God.

(A post about studying and meditating on the Word has now been written, you can find it here.)

6. Prayer

You know that prayer is important, I do too. But sometimes it’s hard to have faith that God moves through prayer. Or sometimes we believe that we can do things simply by ourself. I’ll try to give practical encouragement in this area.

7. Worship

Worship is not just singing in church. It should be in every area of your life, but there should also be times when you stop and worship God intently and purposefully.

8. Evangelism

Yes! Sharing this great salvation with family, friends, neighbors, and maybe even people you’ve never met. This will be an interesting how-to article to write and hopefully a helpful article for you to read.

9. Serving

In church, in community, all that. This is a huge part of what Christians are called to do.

10. Stewardship

Of time and money. This concept could be a life changing one to consider.

11. Fasting

An often neglected discipline of denying yourself of the physical to engage further in the spiritual. Or something like that. Usually giving up food to focus on God more.

12. Silence & Solitude

Getting away and being alone with your thoughts or taking part in other disciplines while alone and quiet.

13. Journaling

As Don Whitney says in his book, Jesus didn’t die to turn us all into journal keepers. But journaling can be a helpful way to both ponder the present and remember our pasts. Simply put, journaling helps us remember what God has done, and that is good.

You probably think most of these are important already, so I’ll be focusing more on how you can do them and less on why you should do them.

Before you go:

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I’ll see you soon!


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Disciplines Series

  1. It is a very good book, very helpful to me also.

  2. This book has been very helpful to me. Looking forward to reading your practical insights.

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