We’ve known Islam was dangerous for a long time, but recently, the dealings with Isis have gotten to a point where many Christians are worried. The culture in America seems to be blinded to the danger of Islam, coining words like “Islamiphobia.” Islam is deadly, and I would venture to say it was created by Satan. It is the polar opposite of Christianity. Where Christians are called to love and care, Muslims are called to hate and murder. Where Christians build hospitals, Muslims tear them down. They’re evil and they need Christ.

Here are some resources I’d like to share with you:

  • Focus on the Family recently aired a broadcast interviewing a man who converted from Islam to Christianity. You can find it here. (There are two parts, but this link is for the first part.)
  • There is a very good chart that I think every Christian should see that shows the differences between Jesus and Muhammad and the differences between Christianity and Islam. You can find that here. (Scroll down a little bit on that page to get to the actual chart.)
  • My grandpa wrote a very good and detailed article about Islam that you can read right here.

Thank you for reading and God bless you.


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