Prayer is amazing. God has given us access into His very presence through His son, Jesus. He listens to us! The Almighty God, the Creator of everything, listens to us! Prayer does two things of high importance. One is it changes us. It gives us faith, and shows us what God’s will is. The other thing it does is perhaps the most popular. Prayer can actually get results from God! He moves through our prayers! This is such amazing news! The Almighty God and Creator listens to us and will actually do things when we pray! So… Why don’t I want to pray? I think it’s because I don’t actually believe that stuff. I mean, in my mind, I believe it. I know it’s true. But in my heart… I don’t pray as much because I doubt it, and because I don’t think I have time. (But I do. I’m a home-schooler, who doesn’t do sports, and usually only goes to church. Believe me, I have time.) I’m so quick to solve my own problems for myself I forget that the process could be faith-building and smoother if I just prayed. So understand my weakness. I am not a prayer warrior and I don’t pray as much as I wish I did. But hopefully these tips I give to myself will be helpful to you or people struggling like I am.

#1: Start Small

Just like with many things, the best plan is to start small. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t pray for an hour straight if you haven’t gotten used to it. Start really tiny, and learn to pray.

#2: Be Humble

Humility is so important! You must pray like a child, seeking after your father’s will. You must remember that Jesus is the way to God, and apart from Him you have nothing! Forget all this stuff about commanding God to do what you want. I believe that God does answer requests with action. But I also believe that the greatest change that happens during prayer is in you.

#3: Keep a Prayer Journal

I love looking back at prayer requests I wrote down that are now answered, and keeping a prayer journal has probably been the best thing I’ve ever done for my prayer life. Grab one of those notebooks you have lying around, and start writing in it! You can write prayer requests, “letters to God,” Scripture verses, and quotes you’ve found inspiring, encouraging, or helpful. Just write things that help you on your walk with Christ.

#4: Pray with Others

Ah, how awesome it is to pray with others! Something about it just warms my heart. To think: we (Christians) are all children to such a great and loving Father! And when we pray to Him, we are praying along with so many other believers who know Him through the blood of Christ! This is amazing. Pray with others. When someone mentions a problem, just say “let’s pray,” and start praying about it right then! I know a very nice “mother in the faith” who does this all the time, and I am always blessed and encouraged by it. Prayer works. God works.

#5: Just Pray

When I just get down on my knees, away from others, that is where I experience the benefits of prayer. I go through things that are on my mind, giving them to the Lord. I confess my sin. And when I say ‘Amen,’ I feel my shoulders relax, and I take a soothing breath. Stop thinking about prayer and pray! Just pray!

Next week (on Friday) we’ll be looking at the spiritual discipline of worshiping God.
I hope that these “tips” have given you something to think about. May God our Father bless you, especially in this area of spiritual growth. Thank you for reading.

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