We have such a great salvation! Not only do we have eternal life with God and other believers, but we have a life with Him now, on earth! We have a relationship with almighty God! So let’s share this great salvation! How do we do that? Here are my suggestions.

#1: Overcome Your Fears

I think the first step in witnessing is simply getting over your fears. So here are a few truths that might calm those fears:

  1. That person’s eternal destiny does not depend on you. (see Acts 13:48, Acts 16:14, Romans 8:29-30, Ephesians 1:4-5, Ephesians 2:8, and 2 Thessalonians 2:13)
  2. If you depend on Christ, He will give you words to speak. (see Matthew 10:19-20)
  3. It’s not your message, it’s Christ’s. You’re giving His message of good news, and if they don’t receive it, it’s not your fault.

Do those help?

#2: Be Calm About It

You don’t need to start the conversation with “God says you’ll go to Hell unless you receive His gift from His son, Jesus Christ” (although I do believe that.) Try things more like “So did you grow up in a religious family?” Use their lingo when talking about religion and stuff. Make it clear that you understand the tension around such subjects and just be calm about it. Press in a little further each time you talk to them and, after a while, you might get to their core beliefs. All you’re doing is sharing the awesome news with another human. Answer deep questions if you know the answers, and find the answers if you don’t know it. Don’t make them feel stupid. make it clear that we never know the answers to all our questions, no matter what religion or beliefs you hold.

#3: Give Them Space

Don’t make every conversation about the Gospel. Give them some space. Talk about their hobbies and interests. Do things with them. Show what Christ is really like, and they’ll love it, as much as they may hate it. (If you know what I mean.)

I understand that these suggestions are more vague than others that I’ve given on other subjects such as prayer and Bible memorization. But that’s the way it is with people. You can’t just use a special formula. And that’s why you need the Spirit inside you. You need to let Him work through you to do what’s right and good.

I wrote another post about witnessing that’s based more on witnessing to someone who’s already fairly open to the faith. You can find that here.

I hope these suggestions help you share this great salvation. The post for next week will talk about serving. I’ll see you then.


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  1. So many souls are blind and lost. May the Lord help us to be busy in sharing the gospel with others!


  2. This is a great post, Levi! I was so encouraged because I personally struggle with sharing the Gospel. All the steps pertained to me and I’ll be thinking about some of these different tips and encouragement as I go forward and seek to be more bold with the truth. Thank you for sharing the truth with us! Blessings, Christina