5 Important Things I Believe About My Youth

I came across an article today from lifehack.org titled “10 Important Things People Wish They Understood In Their Youth.” I started to read it, then realized a lot of it was just Disney/pop-culture mumbo-jumbo. So here’s my take on five of their points that I disagreed with. You’ll probably want to read their article along with this one to understand the context more.

1. It’s best to live life as a living sacrifice to the Lord, loving and serving others and putting yourself last

2. You should focus on being the kind of person that a great person would want to marry instead of focusing on finding someone to marry, especially when you’re young

3. You should boldly proclaim Christ, stand up for Him in His power, and lessen yourself

4. It’s best to be concerned about what God thinks of you, then about what the people of God think of you

5. Your best life and memories will be found in Christ

If you believe these things, please share this post on your Facebook. Thank you for reading!


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  1. I’m very glad! I need to grow more, and any goodness I have has been a gift and a blessing. I have done nothing to receive anything. I hope to continue blogging as I grow, and that is very flattering. You encourage me. 🙂


  2. You’re an encouragement to me, Levi, because as a young person you have a good (& godly) head on your shoulders. I’ll look forward to reading your blog as you grow into manhood (& may I say, some young lady will find an honorable husband in you!)