Addressing the Vague Goals: How to Exercise More

Last week I wrote about the first “vague goal” on my list, “how to read more.” This week, I will be giving my advice on how to exercise more.

A long time ago, people needed to actually work in the fields or hunt for animals to even eat. This was a very good motivator for exercise, and it kept people healthy and skinny. Nowadays, only a small percentage of people are farmers, and the rest often sit for most of the work day. (I’m making a bunch of huge generalizations here, but please, bear with me.) This has led to a small decline in health and definitely a rise in weight and desire to lose that weight. So, we came up with a great idea: exercise!

Turns out, that was a terrible idea, because there weren’t very big motivators for it, and only the “super disciplined” people could push themselves to do it. So here is what I propose: (and just so you know, I’m definitely not the first to say this) play!

What is Play?

Play is what it sounds like. Playing. You can play running games, or basket ball, or soccer, or baseball, or volleyball. All, usually, in your own yard. If you don’t have a yard, you’ll have to get creative. But we, as people, are pretty good at playing. So we can usually figure something fun out.

Why Play Works

Why does playing work to get you exercising more? Because it’s fun. And, to be honest, pounding your feet an a treadmill or cranking out sit-ups isn’t very fun, and often feels like a waste of time. So just cut right to what will last and play.

Some Tips on Using Play for Exercise

Here are some quick ideas for ways you can use play for exercise:

  • Kick a soccer ball around the yard.
  • Play tag with your kids.
  • Shoot some hoops.
  • Play catch.
  • Play tennis in your driveway.
  • Play with some dart guns.
  • Sword fight with Nerf swords.
  • Play some running games.
  • Play kickball.

I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

Of course, there is always a place for running, and strength training is great. If you think these exercises would help you, find someone that will do them with you (a child, a spouse, co-worker, fellow churchian, etc.) and turn it into play!

I hope this idea helped you re-think your exercise goals and get you going on the path to success in this area. See you next week.


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  1. I would really like to do that, and I think if you’re this sure about it there’s no doubt I will 🙂 I hope to continue striving for holiness and a stronger relationship with God. Every day I come to a greater realization of how proud and self-serving I am so often. Pray for me about that. I would really like to go to seminary and become a pastor. We’ll see how God does it. Thank you Grandpa, love you, Levi


  2. Way to go Levi. You do such a nice job with your writing. I want you to promise yourself that you will go to college and seminary in a good Bible-preaching place. I would recommend Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake Indiana. Their doctrinal commitment i very sound and they are serious about scholarship. Grace College would be a wonderful place to get your bachelors that is necessary to get into any seminary. Your owe it to the many who have no grasp of holy things and therefore need someone like you who is plugged into life correctly to break down Scripture truth to them in a life-changing way. I love you, please always stay close to the Lord. -Gramps