Life, 7.15 (Journal)

This week (and this month) have been really busy. I’ve been biking a lot, coaching in my church’s day camp, getting into drawing, learning to use power point in church services, and driving.

One week ago today, I biked 34 miles in a row! It was really tiring by the end, but I was doing it with some good friends and I enjoyed it.

This week I’ve been coaching day camp. It feels weird to have that level of responsibility, but I like it, and the kids are pretty good. I’m also telling the “missionary story,” and that has been… difficult. But I think the kids are benefiting from it.

I found this neat art form called zentangling (the initial idea had something to do with meditation, but the word has morphed to just mean drawing with lots of patterns.) It’s fairly easy, and the finished product usually looks pretty amazing, so much so that sometimes it looks printed. I’m @levipierpont on Instagram, if you want to check out my artwork.

And… I got my permit! I can now drive if I have a licensed person 21 or older in the vehicle. I have lots of time to rack up hours before I’m 16 next year (2016!). I’m pretty excited about that.

I hope your Summer hasn’t been too crazy. Slow down at some point. Don’t let it go by too fast. Summer is rainbow glass, beautiful and fragile.

Blessings! Hopefully I will be back next week with the next post about James, from a series thing I started in… March, I think. See you then.


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