Exciting News

I have some exciting news for you all! This blog is now just “levipierpont.com” instead of “levipierpont.wordpress.com.” Go ahead, try it out! This is a bit of a milestone for the blog.

As a little celebration, please comment and share what your favorite blog post(s) has been. Whether it encouraged you, made you smile, or helped you follow Christ more closely, I would really be encouraged to hear from you. I might even re-post an article from the “archives” if a lot of you liked it.

Thank you for following this blog. Just the knowledge that I have friends and family (plus some strangers) who care about what I write has really (I’m gonna say this one more time) encouraged me. I love to get notifications that you’ve commented on or liked one of my posts.

Anyway… Thank you. I’ll see you Friday.


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  1. Congrats, Levi! How exciting! That must feel really good! It was so fun today to type in levipierpont.com! I have enjoyed so many of your posts that I can’t pick a favorite, but some that come to mind are your posts on spiritual disciplines. I really enjoyed the series as well as your summary post about the purpose of the spiritual disciplines and how we don’t use them to earn God’s approval. Thanks for your faithful writing and may God continue to bless your efforts! Christina

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  2. Great stuff, Levi. Proud to call you my cousin.

    One of my favorite blogs from you was the one about prayer. However, I just love to see you posting. Keep it up.

    Dan Pierpont