A Letter of Encouragement

Hello, friend. I hope that you have taken hold of the joy and peace that God has for you. But if you have not, and, if you feel worried, hurried, and/or distressed after a week of being in the world, then this letter may be helpful to you. Some of the the things I say might not “strike a chord” with you, but I’m sure at least one or two of them will give you something to be encouraged about.

#1: You are a child of God.

John 1:12 says that if we receive Christ, we are children of God. Do you know what that means? It’s amazing! God created everything, from the stars and the planets to your child’s hands and the flower in your front yard. And this God (the holy, powerful, awesome God that He is) loves us enough to make us His children. As our Father, God wants to give us what we want, but He also wants to give us the best for us (what will conform us to the image of His Son the most). So when you want something; check your motives, and pray for it! You are a child of God.

#2: The Holy Spirit dwells in you.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says that the Holy Spirit dwells in you (again, if you have received Him.) The Awesomeness of God resides in us. The Power and the Presence of the Creator, Ruler, and Savior of the universe is in you. Therefore, you can defeat sin, you can do right, you can love your enemies, you can hunger for the Word, you can be an example, you can break the chains of sin, and you can most definitely grasp hold of godliness and Christ-likeness. Actually… you can’t. That’s the point. Only God can. But because He resides in you, He can through and in youYour job is just to step off the throne and let Christ do it all. The Holy Spirit dwells in you.

#3: Every spiritual blessing is available to you.

I was listening to John MacArthur yesterday, and he made the point that we, as Christians, have every spiritual blessing available to us. Are you depressed? Take the joy of the Lord. Are you stressed out? Take hold of His Peace. Do you find it hard to love your co-workers or neighbors or church? Let Christ’s love flow through you. It’s not a matter of asking Christ for love, joy, and peace. It’s a matter of getting up, acknowledging your weaknesses, and taking what Christ is holding out to you. Every spiritual blessing is available to you.

Do you feel better now? I really hope so. Please take a moment to pray with me.

Dear Father,

Please remind us of the fact that we are your children, that we are worth something to you, and that you love us. Teach us to be aware of your presence in our lives and hearts. Teach us to listen to you, obey you, and follow you. And when we are not taking hold of the blessings you have for us, please lift our heads up to see your hand reaching out, ready to give them, if we will only confess our sin to you and take them. Thank you for your mercy, your grace, and your love. Show us how far we would be from you without them.

We ask this because we believe your son, Jesus, would want these things for us.


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to tell me Mrs. Zuiderveen! When I got the domain name, I didn’t get any type of plan along with it. The ads are really annoying to me and at some point in the future I’ll probably get them removed. But some those things can actually be pretty expensive:/ Anyway, thank you for telling me. I hope you’re having a good time on vacation!


  2. Hi Levi ! Good post! But that’s not why I’m writing to you. I wanted to inform you that when I click on your email to get the full version there are adds on the bottom just like your old website. I know you recently paid to have them removed buy they are showing up in your letter version of your post. I think you may need to go into your settings when you set up your mailing list and change the site name ..it may still have the name WordPress in the site address for your website. That’s just a guess as to why it’s happening. You may need to research it for yourself. Just thought you would want to know this is happening. Have a great day!