Discussion: Which has always been easier: prayer or Bible reading?

A lot of people consider prayer and Bible reading to be like the two big spiritual disciplines. And I think that idea makes sense. Reading your Bible is receiving Word from God, and prayer is talking to God. It’s basic communication.

So, today I’d like to do something different on this blog. I would like to have a discussion in the comments so I can hear from you and so you can share your thoughts.

The question for this discussion is the one in the title: Which has always been easier (for you): prayer or Bible reading? That is, has it been easier to build the regular habit of prayer, or the regular habit of reading the Word?

Other optional questions to answer are:

  • Why do you think this is the case?
  • If you could change it to be the opposite, would you?
  • Has this tendency gone back and forth throughout your life, or has it remained the same?
  • Have you been able to learn and practice both? If so, please share your tips for others to do the same.

I will be giving my answer in the comments, so go there to see it, reply to it, and comment your answer.

I’m hoping that we can all get some good perspectives from other people and that through it, we’ll be better readers and pray-ers.

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  1. I have found praying to be my preferred way of communicating with my heavenly Father. It seems to come more natural for me. Lately, I have felt a strong drawing to the Word so am reading much more. I agree with all of you that both are important and build on each other to draw us more closely to God.


  2. Those are some good points. Definitely good and important to pray Scripture and use it in prayer and to meditate on Scripture to draw out prayer. Thank you for commenting Christina!


  3. Praying has actually been easier for me, just because I think of it like talking to God. I talk to Him throughout the day and write prayers in my journal. It’s easy for me to spend my whole “quiet time” in prayer and miss out on the Word, so I realize that a balance is importnat and I do want to be a better, more disciplined pray-er.

    Something that is important, I think, is not to separate the two. We can pray through Scripture, pray Scripture, and even pray for people using Scripture. Prayer and reading and mediating on the Word can go hand-in-hand.

    Perhaps some of us are just more prone toward one or the other, depending on our personality or background. It’s about seeking the Lord and whether or not one comes easier than the other, we need to pursue both prayer and Scripture, all the while depending on God’s grace and Spirit to lead us ever closer to Him.

    Blessings, Christina

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  4. Reading the Bible has always been easier to me than praying. I love to learn more about God and understand more from His word. His word instructs, corrects, inspires, and helps me so much. Prayer without ceasing has been pretty natural since becoming a Christian . . . talking to God throughout the day about what’s going on in my life and others’ lives has been easier for me than spending concentrated times in prayer for very consistent, specific, and fervent prayers. This has constantly been a challenge for me until probably the last year or so. Although I still need to improve much, God has used much preaching and using the Lord’s Prayer as a pattern to help me grow in the area of setting aside time to persevere in prayer.


  5. Here’s my answer to the question above:

    Most of the time, Bible reading has seemed easier, and I’m quicker to engage in that before prayer. I think it’s because, to me, all I have to do is open my Bible and read.

    But about 1/10 of the time, I pray a lot more because I have a better sense of God’s nearness to me.

    I think if I had a better view of Bible reading, I would learn to do both a lot more. If, when I read, I watched for things to pray about, then I would pray a lot more. And, if when I prayed, I prayed Scripture (like Psalms or Paul’s prayers) I would be both meditating on the Word and praying.

    What do you think?