5×5: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When You are Distressed

Now and then, I have days where I’m just down. Sometimes it’s because I’m stressed out, sometimes it’s because I haven’t gotten enough sleep, and sometimes it’s just because of the weather. So I created this list of questions to ask myself when I’m feeling down. Through asking yourself them, you might discover the problem, and thus, the solution.

#1: Have you been getting enough sleep?

Sometimes you’re not discouraged, you’re just tired! Most of us need 7-9 hours of sleep, and if you’re not getting that, some of your mood may be attributed to lack of sleep. If you have trouble getting to sleep, this post I wrote sharing ten tips on getting to sleep sooner might help you. Also, if you’re doubtful on the need for sleep, here is a little resource page I found with some information.

#2: Have you been staying hydrated?

Hydration is pretty important, and when we neglect it, lots of things can suffer, like our energy, our mood, and even our skin. People can’t really agree on how much water we should all be drinking, so here’s my tip for you: drink enough every day that you’re never thirsty. Sometimes this means drinking six cups. Sometimes you can drink as little as four. It all depends on your body and your environment. With health, everyone is different, and it’s hard to generalize.

#3: Have you been reading and meditating on the Word?

Now that we’ve asked ourselves the simple questions about the state of our mind and body, we should examine our spiritual state. If you’re a Christian and you haven’t been reading and meditating on the Word, it would make sense that it would stress you out and make everything harder. We were meant to hunger for the Word. I have a lot of posts about this that might help you. Here is a how-to post on studying and meditating on the Word, here is a how-to post on reading the Word, here is another how-to post on memorizing the Word, here is a list of Bible reading plans to try, and here is a list of five Bible passages to read when you don’t want to read the Bible. Whew! If that was tiring, I think the best one to look at would probably be this one.

#4: Have you been running to Christ in prayer?

This is a big one. If we run to work, or school, or food, or entertainment to save us from our worries and stress, we will be disappointed. And I have to remind myself of that every day. We must run to Christ. He is the only one who can save us. So pray. Cast your cares upon Him. Pray for people or things that you’re worried about. Confess your sin. If you have trouble with the spiritual discipline of prayer (like I do), this post might help.

#5: Have you been caring for and serving others?

Remember that acronym for joy?

  • J-esus
  • O-thers
  • Y-ou

God must be first, others second, and yourself last. If you are hyper-focused on yourself, you will be stressed out. So focus on others, care for their needs, and serve the people around you. I have a how-to post about this here.

I hope this short list has helped you as much as it has me. This is the last Tuesday post for a while, as I will be going back to once a week (Fridays) in order to focus on school. Thank you for reading.


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