If you know me in “real life,” then you know that I’m writing a novel! But, if you only know me through this online platform, you wouldn’t know that yet. Let me take a moment to tell you about that.

About four-and-a-half months ago, under the encouragement of my writing professor, (I pronounced that in an English accent, but you can do whatever you want with it) I began writing a book. It took its inspiration (loosely) from the outside imaginary games that I would make up and play with my little siblings. That book is now 25,000 words and about halfway done.

It’s a novel about a boy named Gavryn Wickert who one day finds himself in another world. He meets a kind woman named Esiw who teaches him the magic of that world and leads him in giving back control to the council after many years of monarchy. There are story elements of loyalty, heroism, compassion, kindness, truth, and love. I call it “The Fantastical Journey of Gavryn Wickert.” 

Yes, it’s a sci-fi/mythical fantasy, but I think it would interest all people if they opened their mind up to the possibility of imaginary things.

This has been my second greatest writing endeavor, first being this blog, and so far it has been going great. I plan to finish the first draft by May 1st and have it fully edited and ready for its future by the end of Summer. (Of course, what are plans? This is a plan: a nice little imaginary story that we tell ourselves to keep us calm and ‘prepared’ for the future.)

This novel opens up a whole new world for me in writing fiction. And, while I don’t know where it will lead, I do hope to be published someday or have a successful self-publication.

If you would like to read The Fantastical Journey of Gavryn Wickert, or (TFJGW), just comment and I may send a link to the Google Doc. I have shared it with around thirty people so far and gotten great help in editing and plot things. I would love to have your input, too!


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  1. The title seems a bit cumbersome ( “Make it short, and then you won’t have to cut it short before you can use it.”), and typical for this sort of story. Just my two-cents…


  2. I love Kingdom Pen! I’ve sent in a chapter to be critiqued but I am waiting to see it… I have heard of the OYAN curriculum. I’m not a course type of person, so unorganized, messy creative productions are more my style… But it sounds like a neat course! Thanks for commenting, I appreciate the things you’ve shared.


  3. Hi! I will share the Google Doc with you and keep an ear out for your thoughts. I love fantasy too, obviously, and I think this book meets those expectations. I like to think that it’s deeply moving and thought-provoking. You’ll have to tell me what you think!


  4. Hey, Levi! This story sounds really interesting. I would love to read it and let you know what I think! I love reading and writing fantasy, especially fantasy with strong morals and ethical values.


  5. Congratulations Levi! Your novel sounds exciting! Have you ever heard of The One Year Adventure Novel curriculum? We invested in this dvd course several years ago and it successfully drew out the writer in a couple of our daughters (both are editors at Kingdom Pen as well). We highly recommend the course! Also Haley would enjoy reading and critiquing your novel!