Today, I had a really enjoyable and fulfilling conversation about a host of Christian matters, history, time management, and reading.

Why? Because the person I talked with was a reader, and the books he and I had read sprouted into awesome conversations. It didn’t even matter that we hadn’t read the same books!

Why are books such great conversation starters? Because books are full of thoughts and wonderings and ideas. And thoughts and wonderings and ideas are what start conversations.

So, if you want to have a great conversation, read a book!

Good conversations do not result from hoarded ideas that you have known for years. Good conversations sprout from forward thinking and ancient wisdom. And that is what books are made of! It does not matter whether it is fiction or nonfiction, they are all of great conversation material.

So read good books, if only to have good conversations.

PS: I noticed I’m getting a lot of views from Brazil. If you’re from Brazil, well… Hi! I’m glad to have you!


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