(The image above was taken from UnrealisticHipsterPictures.com) (Just kidding.)

Today, I want to share a fairly simple secret to getting more things done. (It’s a super big secret, and for that reason, I’m sharing it for everyone to see online.)

I am a firm believer in the power of the environment.

Here’s what I mean: When I’m having trouble getting things done, I usually know why. Most of the time, it’s because my environment is not conducive to a healthy thought process.

Sometimes it’s just because the area I’m in isn’t tidy. Sometimes it’s because there’s not enough light. Other times there are just too many distractions.

So, when I really want to get things done, I change my environment.

I light a candle to get the room smelling nice. (You can also use essential oils, or clean all the surfaces.)

I tidy up so that I’m not working around other things.

I turn on lights or open the blinds, to ensure I have enough light.

I play quiet music with no lyrics (or lyrics in another language, at times) or nature noises, to cover up the silence or quiet sounds of the area I’m in.

I make myself warm, either by getting a blanket or wearing more layers.

And that’s how I focus.

You don’t need to buckle down and force yourself to work when you’re ‘spinning your wheels’. You just need to make the work more peaceful and enjoyable.

Obviously, there are some types of work that this doesn’t apply to, but if you’re talking about writing or doing homework or emailing, this little method helps a lot. Reading, for that matter, often requires making a better environment.

If you know a student or a writer or a reader who might appreciate this secret, send this article to ’em.

Do you ever improve your environment to improve your focus? How do you do it?




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  1. I want to write an update soon… Things are a lot better than they were then, in part thanks to so many people who prayed and emailed me. I was really blessed by that. Love you 🙂


  2. Great post. I do a lot of similar things, particularly with tidying and music. De cluttering my desk and then tuning into ‘deep focus’ playlist on Spotify, gets me right in the zone 😊


  3. Good thoughts, LEVI…. Sounds like my plan…it would be nice to have an update on your progress for those of us who are praying for you regarding your plea for prayer. we love you….