I took the test on 16personalities.com and was given the ENFP label. Let’s see what that says about me (according to their website).

The ENFP personality is a true free spirit. Yeah, that would be me. They are often the life of the party ehh…, but unlike Explorers, they are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Yeah! Charming 🙂, independent (yeah… most of the time), energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd.  7%? Neat.

More than just sociable people-pleasers though, ENFPs, like all their Diplomat cousins, are shaped by their Intuitive (N) quality, allowing them to read between the lines with curiosity and energy. Hmm… They tend to see life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected (so, so, SO true! this is how I understand the whole of mathematics and other entire fields) – but unlike Analysts, who tend to see that puzzle as a series of systemic machinations, ENFPs see it through a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism, and are always looking for a deeper meaning. very true

Many other types are likely to find these qualities irresistible, (yay) and if they’ve found a cause that sparks their imagination, ENFPs will bring an energy that oftentimes thrusts them into the spotlight, held up by their peers as a leader and a guru – but this isn’t always where independence-loving ENFPs want to be. Worse still if they find themselves beset by the administrative tasks and routine maintenance that can accompany a leadership position. ENFPs’ self-esteem is dependent on their ability to come up with original solutions, and they need to know that they have the freedom to be innovative – they can quickly lose patience or become dejected if they get trapped in a boring role. This whole paragraph is very true about me. I love being respected and at the top and able to respect myself, but I don’t like being dragged down by boring work.

Luckily, ENFPs know how to relax, (oh, good) and they are perfectly capable of switching from a passionate, driven idealist in the workplace to that imaginative and enthusiastic free spirit on the dance floor, (odd) often with a suddenness that can surprise even their closest friends. (I can relate to this. Sometimes I go from complete silliness to complete seriousness in twenty minutes. I can appear as an intellectual in the same hour as appearing as a bafoon.) Being in the mix also gives them a chance to connect emotionally with others, giving them cherished insight into what motivates their friends and colleagues. They believe that everyone should take the time to recognize and express their feelings, and their empathy and sociability make that a natural conversation topic.  Cool.

The ENFP personality type needs to be careful, however – if they rely too much on their intuition, assume or anticipate too much about a friend’s motivations, they can misread the signals and frustrate plans that a more straightforward approach would have made simple. That makes sense. This kind of social stress is the bugbear that keeps harmony-focused Diplomats awake at night. ENFPs are very emotional and sensitive, and when they step on someone’s toes, they both feel it. Ooh… yeah pretty true.

ENFPs will spend a lot of time exploring social relationships, feelings and ideas before they find something that really rings true. But when they finally do find their place in the world, their imagination, empathy and courage are likely to produce incredible results. Yay.

Strengths of ENFP’s

  • Curious – When it comes to new ideas, ENFPs aren’t interested in brooding – they want to go out and experience things, and don’t hesitate to step out of their comfort zones to do so. ENFPs are imaginative and open-minded, seeing all things as part of a big, mysterious puzzle called life. Oh, yes. I am super super curious about everthing and everyone.
  • Observant – ENFPs believe that there are no irrelevant actions, that every shift in sentiment, every move and every idea is part of something bigger. To satisfy their curiosity, ENFPs try to notice all of these things, and to never miss a moment. Yeah, I think I agree with this.
  • Energetic and Enthusiastic – As they observe, forming new connections and ideas, ENFPs won’t hold their tongues – they’re excited about their findings, and share them with anyone who’ll listen. Uh-huh. This infectious enthusiasm has the dual benefit of giving ENFPs a chance to make more social connections, and of giving them a new source of information and experience, as they fit their new friends’ opinions into their existing ideas.
  • Excellent Communicators – It’s a good thing that ENFPs have such strong people skills, or they’d never express these ideas. ENFPs enjoy both small talk and deep, meaningful conversations, which are just two sides of the same coin for them, and are adept at steering conversations towards their desired subjects in ways that feel completely natural and unforced. My dad says I do this with my blog. And I’ve never been annoyed by small talk, just annoyed if that’s all I ever get to do with someone.
  • Know How to Relax – It’s not all “nature of the cosmos” discussions with ENFPs – people with this personality type know that sometimes, nothing is as important as simply having fun and experiencing life’s joys. That Intuitive trait lets ENFPs know that it’s time to shake things up, and these wild bursts of enthusiastic energy can surprise even their closest friends. Very true. I can ponder a lot and begin to be depressed about politics, then walk into a room and laugh until I get a headache.
  • Very Popular and Friendly – All this adaptability and spontaneity comes together to form a person who is approachable, interesting and exciting, with a cooperative and altruistic spirit and friendly, empathetic disposition. ENFPs get along with pretty much everyone, and their circles of friends stretch far and wide. Wow, I’m such an awesome person. Now onto weaknesses.

Weaknesses of ENFP’s

  • Poor Practical Skills – When it comes to conceiving ideas and starting projects, especially involving other people, ENFPs have exceptional talent. Unfortunately their skill with upkeep, administration, and follow-through on those projects struggles. Without more hands-on people to help push day-to-day things along, ENFPs’ ideas are likely to remain just that – ideas. Very true. I can’t be consistent at almost anything.
  • Find it Difficult to Focus – ENFPs are natural explorers of interpersonal connections and philosophy, but this backfires when what needs to be done is that TPS report sitting right in front of them. It’s hard for ENFPs to maintain interest as tasks drift towards routine, administrative matters, and away from broader concepts. Yeah…
  • Overthink Things – ENFPs don’t take things at face value – they look for underlying motives in even the simplest things. It’s not uncommon for ENFPs to lose a bit of sleep asking themselves why someone did what they did, what it might mean, and what to do about it. Wow, very true. Though more on strange, other-worldly things than general personal matters.
  • Get Stressed Easily – All this overthinking isn’t just for their own benefit – ENFPs, especially Turbulent ones, are very sensitive, and care deeply about others’ feelings. A consequence of their popularity is that others often look to them for guidance and help, which takes time, and it’s easy to see why ENFPs sometimes get overwhelmed, especially when they can’t say yes to every request. Not at all. I don’t really feel stressed ever. 
  • Highly Emotional – While emotional expression is healthy and natural, with ENFPs even viewing it as a core part of their identity, it can come out strongly enough to cause problems for this personality type. Particularly when under stress, criticism or conflict, ENFPs can experience emotional bursts that are counter-productive at best. I guess so. I’ll have to see this one in action and catch it. 🙂
  • Independent to a Fault – ENFPs loathe being micromanaged and restrained by heavy-handed rules – they want to be seen as highly independent masters of their own fates, even possessors of an altruistic wisdom that goes beyond draconian (excessively harsh) law. The challenge for ENFPs is that they live in a world of checks and balances, a pill they are not happy to swallow. Hmm. Maybe.

This could really go on forever, ’cause they have a ton of material about each personality. As with all those tests, I don’t really trust it that much. Just a handy label. But that’s probably part of being an ENFP.

Go take the test at 16personalities.com and see what you are! It only takes fifteen minutes. Then come back, share your personality type, and talk about it.


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  1. Oh my, that’s terrible! I do not feel like I am more concerned with my social status, my appearance and the standings of other people….and I definitely do NOT like gossip. I would never consider it my ‘bread and butter.’ So, maybe it doesn’t fit me?? 😦


  2. I’ve come out as mulitple personality types, but this time, I was an ISTP. 🙂 A lot of it didn’t sound like me, but….. 🙂 Last month, I came out as an ISFP which sounds a lot more like me. Oh well. 🙂


  3. This is the first paragraph on ESFJ’s on the website:

    Discussing scientific theories or debating European politics isn’t likely to capture ESFJs’ interest for too long. ESFJs are more concerned with fashion and their appearance, their social status and the standings of other people. Practical matters and gossip are their bread and butter, but ESFJs do their best to use their powers for good.

    Also, when I took a personality test for my character Esiw, who is like the best person in the whole story, she was an ESFJ. 😉

    Love you, Grandma


  4. Hey, Levi! That personalitiy type definitely sounds like you! I am an ESFP, which means that I “get caught up in the excitement of the moment, and want everyone else to feel that way, too. No other personality type is as generous with their time and energy as ESFPs when it comes to encouraging others, and no other personality type does it with such irresistible style.” I am close to being an ENFP, like you, with my “S” being 55%, leaving 45% for a possible “N”. So glad you are who you are. I love it! Blessings, Christina