Hello, people. As you know, millions of Americans (hopefully including you) will vote today. And that vote will have a huge impact on where this county goes.

I’m not a sensationalist, and I think it’s unbiblical to worry. But this is important.

I also can’t vote, so… you know… Yeah. But I can pray, and you can too. So I’m asking you to do just that. Please, pray for America. Don’t even pray for your favorite cantidate to win. Just pray for the future of America.

(To clarify, I’m talking about the US of America, not like all of America. But that’s important too.)

Maybe God is judging us, but we still have it better than pretty much everyone, and we still need to do our best to seek the nation that would please Him.

Right here, right now. Pray.



2 thoughts on “Pray for America

  1. Yes, Levi, thank you for the reminder to pray. I should be praying daily for the United States of America.


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