meditate on Psalm 3 this week

(Note: even if you didn’t do Psalm 130 with me, you can still do this one.)

This week is Psalm 3, which starts out:

Lord, how many are my foes!
    Many are rising against me;
many are saying (read more)

Please comment or tell me in person if you plan to meditate on this throughout this week. The daily, practical plan is the same as last week:

  • Day One (Monday): read the passage a few times
  • Day Two: ask how the passage relates to your life circumstances
  • Day Three: write the passage out on paper
  • Day Four: try to imagine the surroundings and circumstances of the author as they wrote it
  • Day Five: read the passage out loud to someone
  • Day Six: pray the Psalm (even if you’ve already done this)
  • Day Seven (Sunday): read the passage a few times

Now: Psalm 130.

I was really impacted by this Psalm. I felt like I could really pray it, and started doing so every day and changing the words in the last few verses to be towards God. About the fourth day, I could finish each line, and now I can say bits from memory. I loved the repeated line of ‘more than watchmen for the morning, more than watchmen for the morning,’ because it’s so song-y. I am looking forward to this next Psalm.

What did you appreciate?

Most of the days I only “got around” to reading the Psalm before I went to bed. But that was a great time, and it worked. Even if you only did it like one day and then forgot, give this week a try. One day of meditating on Scripture is better than nothing.

But don’t approach it as a to-do list item. Be sure you’re going at it for spiritual nourishment before you start reading. And pray, too.

Not that I’ve been doing those things… But I will this week.

Talk to you later.

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