meditate on Psalm 138 this week

This is the last week of our twenty-one days of Psalm meditation. I must admit, I’m beginning to tire. I like to jump from new thing to new thing but… I must continue, and I do continue to gain things from the chapters.

As usual, the little schedule I’m following is this:

  • Day One (Monday): read the passage a few times
  • Day Two: ask how the passage relates to your life circumstances
  • Day Three: write the passage out on paper
  • Day Four: try to imagine the surroundings and circumstances of the author as they wrote it
  • Day Five: read the passage out loud to someone
  • Day Six: pray the Psalm (even if you’ve already done this)
  • Day Seven (Sunday): read the passage a few times

You can follow that or make your own plan.

Last Psalm (3) was less interesting than the last one (130) but I appreciated it. To read it in a prayer was moving, and I think I’ve discovered power in the Psalms, particularly in Psalm 23:1 this last week.

Anyway, meditate on Psalm 138 this week, even if you forgot to today (Monday) because I sure did…

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  1. I had some things I needed to take back to you and was waiting for a good time. That time is great and I will also bring the space trilogy so you can read that one book of the trilogy that I cannot remember at the current moment. 🙂


  2. Levi, I did spend the week meditating on Psalm 103 and found that I have memorized the whole thing. What a delightful challenge. Also, if you are free Friday at 11, you can drop by to pick up the magazine i have saved for you. I have a Tolstoy one just like the C S Lewis one that I gave you from Christian History. This is not quid pro quo. You may keep the other if you are still reading. Just making the offer…I will be here teaching the Stowe kids as we have a big missions banquet, and their parents are speaking so we are playing!! Thanks, Mrs. Wendt


  3. I feel like this one resonates more with me. I like the psalms of praise. Probably because one of my strengths is positivity.