This blog has a FaceBook page!

Hey, ya’ll! You probably have a FaceBook account. And if you don’t, you still know what it is. The thing’s basically the most popular website in the world. Besides Google.

And, if you have FaceBook, then you’ll probably think it’s cool that this blog has a FaceBook page. Yup, just click here to go visit it.

Once you’re there, please like the page, share the page, and do everything else that is good that is possible to do that would help me. Thank you. *sarcasm*

I’ve really had it for a while, but I wanted to just let it sit there for a bit before I announced.

Yes, in order to create a FaceBook page you must have a FaceBook account, but I kind of slipped around that. I won’t be using the account until I’ve decided it’s truly worth it, and even then, I don’t plan on becoming a mindless scroller. I’ve just decided not to get into that mess before I’m tied to the silver chair. (That’s a literary reference that too few people understand, based on CS Lewis’ fourth novel in The Chronicles of Narnia.)

Go like the FaceBook page.

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