If it is possible for you to go take a walk right now and forget this post, go do that! Now onto the post.

There are tons of benefits to taking walks. Here are a few I found via Google Search:

  1. Walking helps your heart.
  2. Walking helps you lose weight. (duh)
  3. Walking makes you happier.
  4. Walking gives you energy.
  5. Walking helps your brain.
  6. Walking improves your sleep.
  7. Walking helps you be more creative.

Obviously, walking is better than… let me think… lots of things. Including sliced bread.

Here are some tips to building a walking habit into your life:

Start Walking

Once you start, you’ll enjoy it, and then it will be a lot easier to get yourself to go on a walk.

Have a Designated Time

Every day at a certain time, take a walk. Pretty simple, I know.

Just Walk for a Few Minutes

Fairly self-explantatory. Don’t insist that you walk for an hour or even ten minutes. Just be content with walking for five minutes. If at all possible, keep all the intentional walking out-of-doors.

Simply Walk

Don’t listen to podcasts. (Yeah, I listen to podcasts every time. But I’m trying to stop.) Don’t listen to music. Don’t read. (Yes, I have read while walking before. It’s not really that hard. But don’t do it.) Just walk.

Now go take a walk! Or set a reminder on your device to tell you when you can. See you next time!

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