Have you ever thought about having a blog? If not, you should. Blogging is a powerful way to share your ideas, your stories, your thoughts, and even your opinions. You can use it as a platform to inspire, to influence, or to share. The main idea of blogging is that it’s about you. You get a website, you get to write posts, you get to have a platform.

If this is something you would like to do, here are some Super Simple Steps to starting your blog:

Use WordPress.

I use WordPress, and I will probably always use wordpress. It’s awesome and super fun and easy to use and… you should use it. So if you’d like to follow these steps along with this blog post, just go to WordPress.com. In the upper-right-hand corner you’ll see some button that basically means “get an account.” (Or like “start here” or something.) You’re gonna click that button. Then it will take you to where you can

Choose a Theme.

You’ll want a theme that is cool and matches your personality. But if you’re boring, then it doesn’t have to be a cool theme. Personally, I like themes that are light on the eyes and colorful, but others like to have dark menacing themes. Next it will tell you to

Create a URL.

So I looked it up, and URL means “uniform resource locator.” I know, right? Like, who’s going to remember that? That’s probably why they named it just a URL. Anyhow, choose a title that sounds good. If your name is… Alexandria Thomas, try… AlexandriaThomas.Wordpress.com. Very unique. If you want to chop off the ‘wordpress’, that costs about twelve USD. Then you will procede to

Choose a plan.

Just click the free one for now.

Make an account.

Make your username a form of your name, like (going with my previous example) Alexandriath. That one sounds really cool. I think mine is just Levi Pierpont. Then make your password. Here’s a good one: giraffesrc00l. (See how I put two zeros as the o’s?) But don’t use that one. Use some numbers, some words, and maybe even a symbol. Get super creative and be sure no one would EVER be able to guess what it is. Now

Set up your new blog!

See, wasn’t that easy? Now just set up some pages. To create an About page, just hover your clicker over “My Sites” and go down to “Publish” and hit “pages.” Usually they automatically set up an About page for you, so you can just click that. The rest is pretty simple.

I really hope some of you decided to start blogging. If you have a blog now, get in touch with me using this form and I can try to give you some specific advice about it:

Next post will be about the hardest part of blogging: WRITING POSTS. But, if you’re like me, you can skip that step for the first year.

And then I’ll get off your case because who needs another blogger talking about blogging?

Talk to you next time.

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  1. “…if you’re boring, then it doesn’t have to be a cool theme. Personally, I like themes that are light on the eyes and colorful, but others like to have dark menacing themes.” Haha!

    We really enjoy reading your blog, Levi!