In Matthew, the first book of the Gospels in the Bible, we hear these words from Jesus: Do not worry. Or, as the English Standard Version says, “Do not be anxious.” But we don’t really follow that… It could be our culture, it could be our sin nature, but it’s probably both.

All our friends worry. If we simply understood that Christ is in control, we would seem snooty, as if we didn’t care that others had problems.

Well, that comes from a wrong idea of what “Do not worry” means. We’re not meant to go around joyfully singing about how wonderful life is. The Bible says we should mourn with those who mourn. We should express care.

But. Worry is sin. And so, when we catch ourselves thinking negatively, we need to ask ourselves “Am I being smart? Am I thinking about things in their proper light? Or am I worrying?”

If we are worrying, we must ask Christ to grant us peace.

It is not a peace that defies social standing, but it surely defies social constructs.

When we face trials, do we worry and ‘fret’ about it as if we need to come up with a way to change our circumstances, or do we smile to the one who really does have power and who gave us the trial in the first place?

That is my word to you this week, and to myself. Let’s just give our worries to Christ.


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  1. Good reminder. A gal who stayed across the hall from me in college one year said that her parents never worried. I was taken aback and asked how that was possible. She said they just trusted God and prayed. It sounded so simple, and yet was so profound because many of us try to figure out or be concerned with things that we cannot control instead of praying for wisdom and trusting God.