Millinials Learn What “Old” Really Means

Hey, readers! Today I have something for you to watch. In it, a handful of millinials realize that “old” people really aren’t that different from us young folks. Check it out, it’s a super neat video.


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  1. Oh, goodness, all my life I’ve enjoyed the company of older folks, so I don’t think it’s a credit to me. What I need to work on is being friends with people my own age!


  2. Levi,
    I loved this video. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being you! I appreciate so much that you don’t discriminate against us “older folks”. And, not only that, you seem to appreciate us. What a blessing you are to me. I shared this on Facebook because I am hoping folks will take a look and see how much we are the same.


  3. Levi, this is neat, especially because I just finished studying late adulthood and old age in my Applied Human Development class! Thanks for sharing. Every life has value and purpose and gifts, no matter the age. Christina