Diversity. It’s a popular word, perhaps even a ‘buzzword’. I hear it on the news, I hear it on podcasts, I read about it in blogs. Apparently, diversity is the next hip thing that we should all embrace. It’s the new-and-improved model for society. But often, when people say diversity, they only mean a higher form of racism, and a higher form of sexism.

Yes. I am white. And male. I understand that. I understand that we never had to fight for equality. Here’s what I mean: The other day I was listening to a podcast about “blind hiring.” In essence, this method makes it easier for companies to go further in the hiring process without knowing the person’s race, gender, and even age. Before, companies could only leave those questions out of preliminary job applications. Now, they can go as far as calling the person, and with this new system, they still won’t know if that person is a black woman, or a white man.

Let me be very clear: I love this. I am not against blind hiring. Here’s where things got weird. The podcast interviewed a person who said something to the effect of “blind hiring is nice, but I don’t want companies to only use it, and then not make strides to being racially diverse.” Read between the lines with me here. The person is saying blind hiring is good. But they also want something else. What is this something else?

“Diversity,” my friend. Many companies who are trying to be hip and new (yes, you, California) are seeking to hire more black people and more women. But really… that’s super sexist and pretty racist. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not sexist towards men somehow, or racist towards white people somehow. It devalues the black woman if she is hired only for her race, and only for her gender.  How would you like to be hired, not because you were the best employee, but because you looked different? How would you like to be some company’s trophy of diversity? It’s not right.

Yes, sometimes the man is hired simply because they are a man, not because they are a better worker. And yes, sometimes the white folks are hired because they are white, not because they are a better worker.

But we need to stop talking about race and gender and just talk about good workers! Hire good workers. To hire someone simply because of the way they look, regardless of the way they look, is not respectful to the person.

I understand racism. I know some people are, well, racist. But we can’t change our politics to counter them. We just need to make small changes in our lives.

Oh, and one last thing that is… basically related. Let’s say that I walk into a fast food place and there’s a white guy walking up behind me ten feet. I probably won’t hold the door open for them. But, if that guy is black? I will totally open the door for them. I would probably do it even if they were fifteen feet away. And so, in my own little way, I am being kind of racist… to white people.

Let’s not try to be diverse. Let’s try to be kind. To all people.

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  1. So true… People really need to change. And, we definitely all have prejudices. For instance, I won’t greet someone if they’re wearing a green shirt. Just kidding:) But seriously, I think we all just need to be a little self-aware about the way we treat people, and be open to the convictions God gives us.


  2. This is sooo true. Why can we not just be cool with one another? Throw out the labels and get rid of the euphemisms. We are all God’s children.


  3. I understand what you are saying, Levi, and agree with it. I just wish it were that simple. I have not heard of the “blind hiring” process but, in a way, think it makes sense. That way, one is hiring ONLY based on skills/credentials related to the job. There certainly has to be a point in time when an interview in person must take place but by that point, it would seem the qualifications for the job have been identified. I believe we all have our prejudices. They aren’t just around color or ethniticity but also around religion, dress, address, hair color, stature (overweight/underweight/tall/short) you name it. Most of us try to not let those things affect how we treat others and we realize they are unfair and just not “right” BUT there are those who don’t care–they only want to work with and hire people like them. They look for differences rather than the sameness we all have. Therefore, there have to be laws in place that protect that practice. The real issue is a “change of heart”. I don’t think you can legislate a change of heart but you have to try to make sure there is some sense of fairness. I believe there will always be forms of discrimination that exist whether in the workplace or on a personal level.