So, as most seasons start, I get this big-ish feeling of change and newness. This happens even more at new years, but as new seasons start, I get little doses of it. So recently, I’ve been making Summer plans. (Studies show that making a better tomorrow can make your today feel more hopeful. You don’t actually have to do anything.) My Summer plans include:

  • Reading a special list of books that I’ve prepared (I might share it later).
  • Memorizing Scripture (I’ve wavered a lot on what to memorize, going back and forth from many verses to one large passage or even a small book, tell me what you think in the comments.)
  • Running (I guess I’ll just continue the parenthetical statements. I liked running last Summer, but I only got into it as Summer got colder and began to dangerously approach Autumn. This Summer, I want to run two or three times I week and see how far I can build up to.)
  • Not writing at all. (Hey, if I’m going to read, continue my math, run, and memorize more Scripture, I need to cut some things out, so I thought I would just take a break from writing and come back to it. More on coming back to it in a future post.) This means no novel-writing and no blog-posting. But I will be back, if I don’t get mobbed by squirrels.
  • And… other stuff…? (I know I’m forgetting something.)

As I’ve created these goals and idears (I just like spelling it that way, get over it) I’ve begun to nag others about their own self-development. So let me nag you for a bit.

Change yourself! You can do it, through the power of Almighty God inside you! You really think you’re addicted to Facebook? You really think you’ll never get yourself to read more? You really think you can’t improve your physical shape? If so, you’re totally wrong! Change is out there… change is possible… just let me whisper that in your ear while you sleep… wait no that would be creepy.

So go change. Use Summer as an excuse to be awesome, not an excuse to be lazy


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  1. Me too…. Levi….I often must change my goals to go with God’s plan instead of my own… I will be doing volunteer work for SP/OCC…. ministry from now on.


  2. Philippians would be a nice book of the Bible to memorize. (I am currently doing it myself.)
    And running is a really great idea too! I like having goals to work up to in my running, like a 5K, it helps to keep me motivated. Nice blog post, it was well written!