Yes, politics. I’m going to tell you exactly what I think about our presidential candidates this leap year and who I would vote for if I could vote.

First and foremost: Trump, 2016. Yes. To be honest, I’m incredibly annoyed by how many Christians continue to act is if they don’t know who to vote for (or if they’re going to vote). Hello! Have you seen the democrat this year? Hillary Clinton is quite possibly the worst person we could have for president. Like, I’m not just being dramatic. She is a politician to the bone and the only goal in her mind is to win, whatever that means. She will throw money at the problem, cast aside morals, and say anything she has to.

I think we all know deep down that it’s gonna be Trump or Hillary. Not Gary Johnson (yeah, I bet most of you don’t even know who that is, and yet the man thinks he could actually become president.) And not some other random guy who gets in his head to run against Trump. And so, if you look at those two options, I think it’s utterly obvious who your vote should go to. (And yes, I will tell you who to vote for, because I don’t get a vote yet, and I know that none of you will go someplace and do something just because I told you to do it.) Vote for Trump. Really. If we let Hillary clynch this because of some misgivings we have about Trump, we’re going to be kicking ourselves for eight years.

Here are some frequently asked questions (and answers) you may have about Trump.

1. Isn’t he afraid of or against anyone not like him?

No. He is not racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic, or anything else.

  1. Racist? People of every race under the sun support Trump, and the things he says never target a race, but rather a way of life.
  2. Sexist? He has a wife and his daughters run businesses.
  3. Xenophobic? (This means afraid of people from other countries.) His wife is from Slovenia and the Chinese love him.
  4. Homophobic? A huge number of gay people support him and he is the most gay-tolerating republican we’ve had (since I don’t believe it is the job of the president to govern morals, but to simply have good morals themselves, I am not against this.)
  5. Islamophobic? Yes, he is afraid of Isis, and machine guns, and suspicious men muttering ancient texts to themselves, but this is not irrational.

2. Isn’t he unconstitutional?

No. Just… no. When a liberal says “unconstitutional,” they mean “mommy I don’t like this it’s green and shaped like a tree it probably doesn’t have any sugar in it either.” Oh, and here are two words liberals throw around for no reason. Here is what they mean:

Choice=the ability to kill people we don’t like, want, or feel the need for, ie, fogies and fetuses.

Bigoted=doesn’t want to bake a cake or take pictures and celebrate something they believe is evil.

3. Really?


  1. He’s gonna be choosin’ a good number of new supreme court justices.
  2. Hillary’s the female incarnate devil/mother of the antichrist. (That’s a joke.)

I know. I hated him when we had the choice of Ben Carson or Kasich. But now he is all we have. So let’s get behind him while we can, or we’ll kick ourselves for eight years while the republican party lies on its deathbed. You know that one son, the libertarians? Yeah, they’re looking to inherit lots of votes from our party if we don’t get our act together. Let’s do this thing. Trump, 2016.

Questions for me? Email me or let me know in the comments.

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  1. Interesting, Levi. I’m not with you on this one. Oh no, I’m not with Clinton or Johnson (yes, I know who he is) or any of the presidential candidates. I have prayed about this and I get the same answer over and over, “don’t vote for president IF you cannot justify it”. I hear the words, “the lesser of two evils is not a reason accepted by God. Evil is evil”. So unless I hear something different, as I continue to pray, I will vote only for my local candidates. This is difficult for me because I have voted for president in every election since I was eligible to vote in 1964. That’s a long time. But God is God and He reigns and I trust Him first and know He will be in control no matter who wins this election.


  2. Well, this was certainly an interesting thing to find in my inbox first thing in the morning. 😀 Good points though. It’s frustrating not being able to vote this year.