People like to impress people. It’s just sort of a universal thing. So, here are five ways to leave an impression on every person you meet.

1. Learn their name.

One way to easily show someone you care is to learn their name. I know so many people that have left an impression on me because they cared to learn my name and use it often. If you forget, ask again! If you forget again, ask a third time! Make sure you get it down. Maybe even make a notebook or a note on your device to keep track of people you meet. Just write down a few details about their appearance, what you talked about, whatever. Then review it if you think you might see them again.

2. Compliment them.

Compliment people. Either on their personality, intellect, appearance, or anything else. Please, always be genuine. Also, complimenting all women on appearance can get old. Likewise, never complementing guys can get old. Complimenting people will give them an overall good-feeling about you.

3. Have opinions.

I usually go over-the-top with this one, because I have an opinion on everything. But people get annoyed if you never seem to disagree with anything said. Don’t be afraid to voice that you don’t like something or think something different. Be kind about it. Also, when I say opinions, I mean about serious, actual things, like politics, science, theology, or sometimes sports. (Am I just making clear what I feel are important? Whatever. Take this with a grain of salt, as with most things I say.)

4. Care about your own appearance.

This is so obvious, I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but think for a moment about how you look before you leave the house! Is that the same t-shirt you’ve worn for the last three days? I understand it’s your favorite band, but seriously. Wear flannel, like I do. Also, get haircuts, and don’t grow out your beard like a pirate.

5. Be different.

Everyone is unique and different. But some people don’t show their uniqueness, so they seem like another drab conformist. Let people know how you’re different. Do you like an obscure band? Let people know, without seeming too hipster. Do you have a quirk? Make sure it’s not too weird before sharing it.

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  1. Aw, thank you:) And yes, only sometimes. I can’t stand people who can only talk about so-and-so being drafted to team this-and-that and the coach not being happy. Just no 🙂


  2. You? Have opinions? What? Noooooooo….
    For an introvert like myself this post is going to come in handy. Also good to know that sports are only a real, actual thing SOMETIMES. I always love seeing your updates in my inbox, Levi!!