This morning, I woke up and got ready for church, because Christmas was on a Sunday this year. There are things I liked about that, and a things I did not like about it.

Things I liked about it:

  • I got to see church family.
  • I got to sing hymns at church.
  • We ate some good dessert after church.

Things I did not like about it:

  • We had to wait till after church to open presents.

I also researched for two minutes about Kwanzaa today and realized it’s a big racist festival based on black supremacy. It was also created back in 1966 by an African Studies professor at California State University. Leave it to the Californians… Can you imagine if white people made a holiday all about celebtrating our whiteness and white heritage? Liberalism is 100% double standards.

Yes, I did just make Christmas politcal. Whoops.

I hope you enjoyed Christmas. Remember to set goals for 2017!


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  1. We surely did enjoy Christmas Levi. After being, beforehand, with all our other children, including you, we were with your Uncle Ken and family Christmas night. Wow I love you all. Grams