The only way to move forward is to take steps. If you are sitting in your life wishing and hoping that life would just get better for you… You’re being silly. You’ll never roll the dice just the right way from your seated position and magically succeed at life. You need to get up and run.

Whatever your age, whether you’re young and feel you have lots of time, or old and you feel you don’t really have much time left, you can still try to change your life.

One way we seek to change our lives is the setting of goals. Many do not set goals because they think they do not work. I think this is comparable to a farmer deciding not to plant seeds because last year, the weather didn’t work out. This attitude is just more silliness. Often, if you look at the people who say this, they are not really “growers”; they’re not trying to grow and change. Instead, they are docile.

If you want to run instead of sit through 2017, if you want to play in the orchestra of 2017 instead of simply listening, and if you want to have more fulfillment in life… Try setting some goals.

Yes, I talked about this in my last blog post, but I wanted to be sure you have goals. So, if you already set some goals, you have permission to leave. 😉 (Although, you can still gain from this if you’ve already set goals.)


Start by figuring out what you want to change about your life.

Start with just one. Ask yourself “what do I want to change about my life?”

Want to get fit? Make a goal to eat better and/or exercise more.

Want to make more money? Make a goal to get more education and/or get a job some place.

Want to grow closer to God? Make a goal to read the Word and pray on a regular basis.

Want to read more? Make a goal to read ten specific books this year.

Want to be more social? Make a goal to grow closer to five friends and make two new ones.

Want to be more knowledgeable? Make a goal to listen to some smart podcasts and read more nonfiction.

Want to be kinder? Make a goal to be more self-aware of the way you talk.

Do you see the possibilities? It’s literally endless.


Make it more specific.

Once you’ve figured out what you want to change, you need to figure out how. Try to be specific, and incorporate some number so you will know when you’ve reached your goal.

Set some monthly check-ups.

Now, a part most people leave out: check up with yourself! A lot of people set some fun goals, them abandon them in February. It’s a tale as old as time that you’ve probably heard so many times you’re annoyed to hear me say it again. But it happens. It’s happened to me, it has probably happened to you, and it will happen to you again if you don’t check up with yourself.

Ebb and flow is natural. You’ll start out really excited about your goals, then life will remind you why they’re so hard. So let yourself off for a week in February! Then get back to it. Every few weeks, figure out where you are on your goals.

If your goal was to read twelve books this year, and it’s June, and you haven’t read anything since you went to bed at 1 AM on January 1st, then you’re in trouble! Take your goal and explain in a bit of detail where you want to be each month. Then, at the end of each month, check to see if you’re still running smoothly.


That’s it!

If you have questions, just ask below, I would love to help. Seriously, I would love to think that I helped someone set goals. It would do my heart good.

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