I got a total of 55 survey responses! It was fun and interesting to look over your answers, and see what each of you said. I got lots of helpful material to move the blog forward with this year. So, here is the breakdown of each question and what I took away from them.

1. What are your favorite kinds of blog posts?

On this question, the response was varied. 36% said “self-development,” 25% said “religious,” 19% said “rambling,” and the same percentage of people said “political.” More on this under question seven.

2. How did you find my blog?

In answer to this question, 32 people said “Instagram,” and 16 said “I know you in real life.” No one said Facebook or Google search, sadly. Some other people said “other.” Of those, most were random, but two happened to say they had found me through KingdomPen.org, a website for teen Christian writers. Based on this, I’ve decided to stick around Kingdom Pen and participate in the community there, especially as I begin the writing of my second novel this February.

Also, I really appreciate all the people that found me through Instagram and have become part of the community. Hopefully, I’ll make many little vlogs in 2017.

3. How old are you?

So, when I asked this question in my last survey, a year ago, I got almost all “60+”. This year? 64% said “16-19”. Now, granted, I forgot to put an “under 16” option, so a few fifteen-year-olds may have answered this one. I am really glad to be widening the age on the blog.

4. What is your gender?

So, with this question, I discovered that, while more ages have started to read, they’re still mostly women. Which is too bad, but I think more women read blogs than guys, so part of it makes sense. If you know a guy who likes blogs, please refer them to this one!

5. What is your political background?

More than 75% said “moderately conservative” or “extremely conservative,” while there was a spattering of the other choices. This was what I expected, and frankly, I am glad. My “audience,” for now, is the conservative base. I may try to go convert others, but for now, I’m just trying to empower and encourage people with like-minded beliefs and opinions.

6. What is your religious background?

On this question, 90% said “Christian,” while other answers were usually just jokes. Again, this was expected, and I am satisfied with the way it is. However, I do plan on writing some posts this year that are targeted toward those who don’t believe in God and Jesus and whatnot.

7. What do you think about the blog in general? What would you like to see in the future? How often do you read the blog?

Now to the big one!

The biggest theme was “stories.” It was sort of odd to look over the answers and see so many say this. So, in 2017, I will be adding a new category: stories! Hopefully you’ll all enjoy them. With every story, I’ll try to give some kind of point, like at the end of a fable where it says “And that, children, is why you should always be careful when approaching the edge of your grandmother’s bed.”

Also: thanks to all the people that were really encouraging here. I appreciated it.

Others suggested posts about feminist ideology, posts about good things happening in my life, a series about conversations I’ve had with people, posts about my ‘journey’ with God, tips on social skills (this was very flattering), posts about books, fictional stories, and posts about answers to prayer.

If you like one of these idears, just comment and tell me!

8. Colour you think I should dye my hair…

Yes, I spell it colour, no, I’m not English. I just like it better.

Most said they didn’t think I should dye my hair. 😦 Maybe next year? I’d like to dye it white.

9. I’m an ENFP. What are you?

If you don’t understand what this means, I’m referring to the Meyers-Briggs personality test that you can take for free at 16personalities.com. If you’re wondering what it means about my personality if I’m an ENFP, here is a post I wrote explaining just that.

So, I’d say maybe half of people knew what it was, and of those, maybe half of them remembered what theirs was. I had people say INFJ, ISTJ, ENFJ, INFP, ISFP, ISFJ, INTJ, ENFP, INTP, and ENTJ. So, quite a variety, but mostly introverts. Maybe more introverts read the blog. Or maybe more introverts take the test to know what their letters are. Who knows?

10. Which do you like better, dogs or cats?

Dogs won, as they always do. Dogs rule!

Again, thanks to all the people who filled out the survey. Here is a little box where you can send me your thoughts if you like, even if you’ve already taken the survey. As always, I love to hear what you think and what you would like to see on the blog.

P.S. No one ever uses these contact forms, which makes me sad. But I’m not on my hands and knees begging. Yet.

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