If you’ve been reading any of the blog posts recently, you know I’ve talked about setting goals a lot, but I haven’t shared what my goals are this year. Well, here they are. I have three.

write 274 words every day

I decided I wanted to write more fiction and more blog posts this year. I decided 100,000 words sounded good, so I started with that goal, divided it by 365, and got about 274. Every day, I have to type out at least 274 words, either on a blog post or for one of my novels.

I only count words written on blog posts or my novels. I already have to do writing assignments, so those don’t count, and I already journal a ton, so that doesn’t count. So far, it’s gone really good, and I’ve been well above that every day.

read seven pages every day

This one I just pulled out of a hat. I wanted a small goal that would get me reading every day, and it’s worked! As with the other goal, I don’t usually read just seven, I tend to read a good bit more. I really hope that this year is a reading year for me, and, so far, it’s off to a good start.

Here is why I’m not sharing my third goal. (Just an experiment this year.)

What are your goals? Send me an email by using this form!



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