Yes, this is totally clickbait. But it works this time.
Most people who read the Bible regularly do something like this: they choose a book or a plan or whatnot with allotted chapters or verses for each day, then systematically read the chapters or verses and finish. The other day, I read a book that really enlightened to the fact that this may be harmful.
How so? When you measure by chapter, it ends up being all about getting to the end of the chapter. (Yup, this is a generalization, that’s great if you’re not this way, I am.) Obviously, disciplining yourself to focus can help, but there’s an easier way. Instead of reading a set number of chapters or verses every day, read for an amount of time. Instead of saying “I’ll read four chapters today,” then, sitting down and quickly reading through each one, the better way to approach it might be “I’ll read for twenty minutes today.”
The other idea that this book suggested is choosing one book of the Bible and “hanging out” in that book for a month or even a few months. Take a book like James or Philippians, for example, and read it every day for a month or two. Not only will you get to know the passage a lot, it will simplify it for you and lead to a greater meditation on the truths of the passage. Then, when you have finished that book, move on to the next one. In fact, if you do this enough, you may end up practically memorizing the book!
The book that I harvested most of these ideas from is called How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible, and I highly recommend you to read it. (It only took me about thirty to forty-five minutes to read; it’s not very long.) If you would like to buy the book, you can find it here on Amazon, or just check it out from your library like I do.
For another post about the spiritual discipline of reading your Bible, check this post out: Hearing and Reading the Word of God (The Spiritual Disciplines-Part 1) Or, if that looks interesting, here is a post with links to each installment of that series.

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  1. My plan is always, pick up my Bible and start reading where I left the marker. Read until I hear from God in my soul and leave the marker there.

    Right now I am concentrating on Ephesians almost exclusively until Palm Sunday.

    Thanks for the thoughts. I agree. Reading for a goal alone is deadening to the spirit.

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  2. Very true and helpful, Levi. When I join a group to read the Bible with, I do what you suggested (or the book suggested), I read for a set period of time even if the group suggests only a certain number of verses. I then go back and concentrate on the assigned verses. It helps me.

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