Now and then, I read a blog (and listen to the blogger’s podcast) called I’m sure I wouldn’t agree with many (if not most) of her political views, but I enjoy hearing about books and reading, and she doesn’t talk about politics too much. 😉 This year, she came out with two reading lists (one for growth and one for fun) to broaden your reading. Here‘s the post where you can find that. I posted both of them on my wall in my bedroom (not the Facebook wall) and I plan to try at least use a few of the ideas.

Also, don’t be confused, it’s not an actual list of books, here are a few examples.

  • a book in a genre you usually avoid
  • a book in translation
  • a book that’s more than 600 pages

Let me know if you’re gonna use one or both of the lists, we might be able to start a bookish conversation around some of the ideas.

Here’s another link to the reading lists.


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