Hello, my friends. I feel like every other day, I’m telling you about a social media you can find me on. This time, it’s a reading website that I’m sure most of you have heard of. It’s called “Goodreads,” and you can go straight to their website here.

On this wonderfully bookish social media, you have shelves of books: to-be-read, read, and currently reading. You can also add more shelves if you want to. As you use the site, it suggests books to you, and you can also write reviews of the books you read. You can make lists of books, create a group, and find your friends to see what they’re reading. I love it.

So please, go find me there at goodreads.com/levipierpont. There, you can follow me to see my reviews and such, or add me as a friend. You can keep up with what I’m reading, what I have read, and how I feel about it all.


For only $29.99*, you can join my Children’s Reading group that I just started. (*Totally kidding, it’s free.) The purpose of the group is to make a long list of great children’s books and have discussions about them. I’d love to have you, whatever your age or stage of life.

See you there!

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