It’s been a bit since I talked about life and everything. If you know me in real life or you follow me on enough social medias, you probably already know some of this stuff already. But I decided to share here anyway, mostly just to give me a chance to think through everything. Here’s what’s current in my schooling, my work, my faith, and what I’m reading.


I attend a co-op for Physical Science (I took biology last year so the normal pattern got reversed with me), Spanish, and Writing, and I love it. My first semester grade in Writing was 98%! Science was 88%, and I would bet Spanish is somewhere in the middle, but I haven’t gotten that one yet. I can’t stand Mathematics and Mathematical Science. I think it extracts the magic out of the Universe. If we had simply been content with looking up at the stars instead of figuring them out, our magical idears of what they were would still be alive. Science kills wonder. Of course, the people that like Science would say it increases their wonder in the natural world, but it doesn’t for me. Anyhow, I’m behind in Math, but on track to finish before Summer. I sort of didn’t start World History until this week, so I’m fitting a whole textbook into one semester and supplementing with YouTube and library books. I’m also taking Piano lessons with a great kindred spirit and mathematical genius.

Overall, I feel pretty good about my schooling. I think I’m learning to not procrastinate. Then again, last week, I got almost all my co-op homework done on Sunday night.


Like I said, you probably know this, and I announced it on Facebook and all that, but I work at a library. It’s been about a month now, and I love it already. At the other place I worked, time went by fairly quickly, but I wanted it to go by quickly. At the library, time whizzes by because I love it and I don’t want the time to go. I just love helping people with books. It’s not like all I do is recommend books or anything, but just the regular checking people’s books out to them and shelving books when they’re done is great. Well… shelving is a little boring. But it’s rewarding, ’cause you finish a whole stack and feel really accomplished. I’ve also found a ton of great books by working at the library.


As I’m sure you all know, in December of 2015, I shared that I was pretty much agnostic. Within months from that post, (with all the prayer that I’m sure occured from my dear friends,) I didn’t feel that way. And I still don’t. But there is still a doubt in something. I wrestle with the idear of Hell whenever I think about God, and none of the explanations help at all. It just makes no sense to me, and it’s hard to believe God truly loves everyone if he’s willing to throw most of us into this eternal torture. I am pressing on, trying to understand him, trying to pray, memorizing Scripture, reading it and reading a great devotional from Charles Stanley. But it’s tough. I would appreciate prayer.


On a lighter note… I just finished reading A Wind in the Door, the sequel to A Wrinkle in Time. Madeleine L’Engle wrote them back in the 19-somethings; it’s all the somethings if it was before I was born in the Grand Year of Our Lord, 2000. Anyhow, I loved A Wind in the Door and you should read it. After a bit, I’ll be on to the third book in the series!

I’m also listening to The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman on audiobook. I’m not sure how I feel about it or what time period it’s in. But the voices are good and it’s narrated by the author himself. There is also music. This is good.

Half Magic by Someone Random is a book I’m reading aloud to my younger siblings. It’s funny and they like it.

The two books I’ll be reading next (when they finally get through all the library systems) are Fierce Convictions (a biography of Hannah Moore, an abolitionist) and Emily of New Moon (written by the same author as Anne of Green Gables). Both books should be delightful. If I do enjoy Fierce Convictions, you shall hear about it in a blog post.

Please let me know what you’re reading and how you like it by using this contact form:

As always, you can email me at I liked this. I will do it again sometime. It’s good to chat.

Talk next time!



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  1. I will be praying for you, Levi. The devil loves to throw doubts our way, and they are so often hard to overcome. I’m not sure if this is going to help any but I kinda feel called to say this:
    Our God is an amazing God of many characteristics, but the two that you seem to be struggling with are His love and justice. They almost seem incompatible at times, especially when justice is hell.
    We owe our very existence to God, who (rightly) has a perfect standard to which he holds us to. Because of the fall, this is a standard no one can meet. If you look at it from a sense of justice, Hell is what we deserve is it not? We have sinned against our Creator, our Savior, the Sovereign GOD who is our dictator. We deserve no less, and justice, by definition, is getting what one righteously deserves. And God is a just God, who shows no partiality. Where is the love in that?

    Love died on the cross for you.

    God, being righteous and just and without partiality, knows we deserves Hell, but because he is merciful, gracious, and LOVING sent His ONLY SON, sent a part of himself, to DIE so that we can escape the punishment we so fully deserve.
    Perhaps the point in this ridiculously long comment is to say that: Yahweh is just, and righteous, and gracious, and merciful, and loving and innumerable other things way beyond human comprehension. Without even one of those characteristics, He would not be the God we worship. With God there is no either/or. He does not have be either just or loving. He is both, in perfect harmony. That’s one of the countless reasons that our God fills me with such wonder.
    I’m not sure any of this makes sense, or will help you in anyway but I feel like it’s something I need to say so I’m going to say it.
    Well this concludes my not-so-mini-sermon. Sorry but I’m not sorry 🙂

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  2. There are still many times I wrestle with my faith, as well. Do I believe God exists? Sure! But I, like many people, often wonder and ask, “Why?” There is certainly nothing wrong with asking and wondering. That is how we gain wisdom and knowledge.

    Charles Stanley is really good. Great sermons. He really goes in depth on his subjects.

    And of course, I will keep you in my prayers!