1. 4 Ways to Encourage Others

In this post, I share four really easy ways to show people you care. Sometimes, the smallest thing can leave a long-lasting impression and stick with people through their darkest hours.

2. How You Can Create a Space to Get Things Done

This is a short article explaining how I make my work environment helpful for actually working.

3. I’m an “ENFP.” What does that mean about me?

Here, I copy-paste the 16personalities.com description of my personality and give a commentary on what I think about it and whether it’s right or not.

4. My Favorite Authors

I give the names of my four favorite authors and why I like them. One thing you should know: my opinions on this list have shifted a little bit. I like Madeleine L’Engle a lot more now, I don’t care for Tim Keller, and CS Lewis has moved down a bit. I continue to enjoy LM Montgomery’s work, especially her own recorded favorite that I am currently reading: Emily of New Moon.

5. 10 Questions that Start Engaging Conversations

It’s pretty self-explanatory.

6. The History and People of Fairenland 

This is from back when I was building the world for my sequel to The Fantastical Journey of Gavryn Wickert. I haven’t started the book yet – or finished this one – but this world continues to live in my imagination. Check it out!

7. You should have a blog! Here’s how to start and continue blogging.

Have you ever thought, just for a moment, “maybe I should have a blog”? YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY DO IT! I’d be so excited for you and I’d be your first follower. And I’d give you help along the way if this article isn’t sufficient. So go do it. (Hint: it’s super easy, and with WordPress, there’s no technical junk, you just sign up and pick a nice theme.)


And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed a few. You’ve probably realized by now that there is a lot of random stuff in the dark corners of this blog. Lots to explore…

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