This last Saturday, on February 18th, I gave a speech on abortion at a local Right to Life contest. Here is a link to the YouTube video of it, but if you enjoy reading over watching, here’s the speech I gave:

The pro-life movement has been around for quite a long time. In 1968, the National Right to Life Committee was formed to counter legalization of abortion. Of course, 1973 brought a momentous setback when seven Supreme Court justices effectively sent 57 million children to their deaths. Since that time, the pro-life movement has made some headway, putting laws in place in many states that protect children in the womb that are older than a certain number of weeks. Despite the good things that have been accomplished so far, there is much more to be done.

First and foremost, above all political parties and views and above all other priorities in our government today, abortion must be outlawed in every case. Obviously, many people disagree with this and the Pew Research Center reported last year that only 15% of people believe that abortion should be against the law in all circumstances, while 24% of people said it should be against the law in most circumstances. Many in the pro-life movement think that this is a hopeful number, considering that both of these combined total 39% of people being at least mostly anti-abortion, but there is still a divide.  On the other side of the debate, 57% of people surveyed believed abortion should continue to be legal in all or most circumstances. Just as there were many in the 1800’s who disagreed with and fought against the Abolitionist movement, there are many today who disagree with the Abortion Abolition movement. This is a cultural divide that, before we can hope for any success, we must conquer.

So, with the first priority of outlawing abortion comes the task of changing people’s views. For decades, pro-choice advocates have promoted propaganda to young and old alike that every child in the womb is merely a “glob of cells.” However, this is an insult to their own so-called “scientific” position. The term “glob of cells” indicates a level of simplicity completely absent in the fetal stage, a season rich with complexity, strings of DNA forming the child into a full-grown baby. It is not a concoction of flesh that somehow becomes a human like some kind of maternal big bang, it is a little human that is quickly and intricately developing a heart and brain and lungs by the hour. It is not part of the mother’s body, it has a body completely of its own. To look at one of these precious, tiny children and say otherwise would likely be considered outrageous to any normal person were the obvious bias removed. To move forward with the cause, we must reverse the ideology spread by the opposition to life and teach people to see the child in the womb as a person just as human as they are. Until this is accomplished, we will have no hope of changing laws because the people in government will not understand why this is such a big deal. But we can’t stop there. Frederica Matthews-Green pointed out that “Abortion is not a sign that women are free, but a sign that they are desperate.” We must help the women who are in the position to consider abortion. We cannot take this horrible option away from them and leave them with nothing; we must step in, provide support, and point them towards Christ. But to do all of this, as pro-life advocates and abortion abolitionists, we must always remind ourselves of why this is such a big deal. If we lose sight of this, we will begin to step away from this heavy task that God has given us to bear.

So, why is abortion a big deal? Why is it wrong? As former president Ronald Reagan said, “America will never be whole as long as the right to life granted by our Creator is denied to the unborn.”  Abortion does not only infringe upon the promise for life in the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, but it infringes on the very moral code that God gave us in the sixth commandment. God said, quite clearly, “You shall not kill,” and He will judge every man or woman who doesn’t take that seriously.  To kill a child in the womb is to commit murder, not only by the United States of America’s standards but by God’s. Law aside, abortion is changing the future of our world. Take a moment to think of all the children you’ll never meet and friends you’ll never have and strangers you’ll never see because they were aborted. Then, take it one step further. What about their children? What about their grandchildren? Abortion takes the future and places it into the hands of a man performing the procedure, and that is not the way it was meant to be. While there are hundreds of other reasons to fight this practice, I believe these two are the most relevant for our day and age.

This is our abortion abolition plan: change the views and positions in the hearts of fellow Americans and outlaw abortion. And, day by day, throughout the battle, remember the reasons we are doing it: to abide by the laws written in our Constitution and on our hearts, and to protect the lives of children, both in this generation and generations to come. Thank you.

P.S. I got second place in the contest!


9 thoughts on “I gave a speech!

  1. This was a great speech. It makes me beyond happy to see another kid my age making a stand in this topic. Congrats on second place!


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