In the last few decades, liberals have done a pretty good job of making conservatives look bad. It doesn’t matter that we fought against slavery and kept this country unified in the 1800s. It doesn’t matter that we gave women the right to vote in 1872. It doesn’t matter that we elected the first female to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1916. We desegregated schools (1957), killed off the Soviet Union (1991), elected the first black female Secretary of State (2005), and did it all while lowering taxes and helping the economy (1981, 1996). (source)

The Republican party and conservatives in general can be proud of a lot. Despite this, liberals often call every one of our number:

  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Phobic of everyone different.

So, for some incredibly odd reason, you now must explain yourself when identifying as a conservative, especially in an academic space. Here is my explanation for why I’m a conservative.

Conservatives have a great history.

As listed above, conservatism has done so many wonderful things. Sadly, in most of those instances, we were fighting liberals to do it. The liberals wanted segregation. The liberals wanted higher taxes. The liberals wanted women’s suffrage to die. At this point, you either don’t believe me, or your head is exploding, because the liberals love to paint a picture of “love for all” as if that was their history! We need to set the record straight on these things. Children can’t grow up hearing lies about history like “conservatives hated black people” and “conservatives were afraid of women voting.” It’s just not true! In fact, the total opposite is true.

Conservatives are fighting against abortion.

This is perhaps the greatest reason I am a conservative. I hate abortion. Just like regular murder, it deprives innocent people of the chance to live. I don’t hate women who have had abortions, and I’m not saying they need to be punished for doing it. Their actions are in the past, but we must still stand up for future generations that can’t speak for themselves. If you have more questions about the pro-life cause, here is a list of FAQ and answers.

Conservatives are more logical.

Instead of jabbering on about sexism and racism that is long gone, we fight against real injustice that’s happening today, mainly abortion.

Instead of throwing millions down the drain of global warming to offset a problem by two years, we focus on the economy and the people that need help today. More on that here.

Instead of committing to a scientific idea that is proven wrong over and over, many of us believe an origin story that has stood the test of time and never been disproven.

Despite what you hear from a professor at a liberal college, conservatism just makes more sense.

Conservatives have better ethics.

Yes, I am aware of what our now-president has said, and I know that conservatives have had their share of scandal. But none can outdo the Democrat scandal that came to light in 1998. Not only did Bill Clinton have a long-term affair with a young woman 27 years younger than him, but he was voted back in for a second term by Democrats. If it had just been one man’s error, it really wouldn’t be a big deal (except for him being, you know, president and all). But that fact that a house of Democrats supported him afterward made them all look really bad. Then his wife ran last year and almost became president!

Conservatives are patriotic.

Unpatriotism is just ugly to me. When you live in a country with so much to be proud of, wave the flag! Sing the song! Go to parades! Make red, white, and blue cakes! This self-loathing of liberal citizens is idiocy. When Trump says “America first,” they take that as some kind of insult to other countries. It isn’t. He’s sort of the president, we’d hope he’d put America first, just as we’d expect the leader of any other country to put their country first.

Conservatives have more fun.

Lastly, we just have more fun. Instead of sitting around calculating the most politically correct cabinet pick, we do what makes sense and don’t mind when others make us look bad for it. Instead of being the thought police, we let humor into our dialogue. Today, the tables have turned, and conservatives are becoming the rebels of society.


4 thoughts on “Why I’m a Conservative

  1. Thank you for speaking out. Just one point of clarification, Thurgood Marshall was the first black Justice, from Oct. 1967 to October 1991. But you are right any one with the facts would be hard pressed to support Liberalism. Keep up the good work!!

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  2. So cool to see and hear young adults such as yourself speaking up about all that is good and true about this country as well as being a conservative Christian who is not afraid of speaking the truth! God bless you. God has plans for you.

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