Recently I had a short argument on Twitter with an author who was detailing her experiences with sexism in the writing and publishing sphere. Obviously, I don’t know her specific story and I couldn’t tell you much about her. But what set me off of her hashtag and following was the obsession with identity and sexism. This new brand of feminism that we see today is not about women’s empowerment; it’s about being a victim and punishing those who can be labeled with terms such as “sexist,” “racist,” or “homophobic,” as well as “islamophobic” and many, many others. The one trait that runs through all of this is identity. Liberal politicians are using race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation to infiltrate the bitterness of people and confirm their vote.

They start off with some minority or marginalized group, say, African Americans. These people have been through a lot. Many are awfully poor, their familial structure isn’t strong, and they’re often victims of racism. Don’t get me wrong, white people can have hard lives too. But here’s the difference: liberals can tell black people that the reason life is hard is because conservatives don’t like them. This is so far from the truth, it’s almost laughable. Conservatives have been the driving force behind civil rights from the very beginning. As I point out in my recent post, “Why I’m a Conservative,” we abolished slavery and desegregated the school system while liberals fought us ‘tooth and nail’. We were for civil rights before it was cool. If anyone has a racist history, it’s liberals. Of course, the moment that standing for the rights of black Americans became something accepted and encouraged in society, liberals rewrote the history books to make themselves out as the heroes. So, every election cycle, you’ll hear comments about “racist conservative ideologies.” Disregard it, especially if you’re black. You can’t let them get a hold on you with lies.

If you are a minority in race, or if you’re a woman, or a Muslim, or you find yourself in the LGBTQRSA2! section of the voting block, don’t let liberals exploit that. They’ll tell you that everyone on the other side wants to take your rights. They’ll tell you that we’re afraid of you. They’ll tell you that all we care about is the white men. But it’s just not true. Give conservatives a chance. We come through. 


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