Let me tell you a story. In 1926, NBC (the news network) was founded. Then came CBS in 1927, CNN in 1980, and then… FOX in 1996. The result: immediate uproar. The liberals no longer owned every single news station in the country. Someone was disagreeing with them! And, as we all know, the last thing liberals want is someone contradicting their opinions. They want a vacuum where they can believe whatever they like without consequences. They want to believe every black man is innocent and every white cop is guilty. They want to believe financial aid based on skin tone instead of upbringing is a good idea. They want to ignore a book like the Quran and believe Islam is a religion of peace. They want to believe in “the wage gap” and pretend that the gender scales are horribly unbalanced. But to believe all of these fantastical ideas and promote them for others on national TV, you have to be sure there aren’t people out there saying something different. That, my friends, is why they’re trying to shut down FOX News. Please do not misunderstand me; I’m not saying Bill O’Rielly is a saint (he’s clearly quite the opposite), and I’m not saying that FOX News has the best workplace culture. But this is about more than that. The other networks wouldn’t be trying this hard to bring it down if it weren’t for the simple fact that they disagree.

Then there’s radio. Your tax dollars go to the radio giant NPR that spews whatever liberal nonsense they want to, whenever they like. For goodness sake, they make fun of our president with a sarcastic bitterness that they never had for Obama. So, I’m glad they’re being defunded. You don’t get to spout bias news coverage and ideas and pretend to be the nation’s unbiased reporting.

(You don’t want to get me started on The New York Times and The Washington Post, so we’re just going to skip that part.)

The most important thing we need in our news today is diversity, diversity of thought. We need news anchors that disagree with each other and admit their own biases. We need a surplus of ideas so that people can sort them out on their own. Enough of this media monopoly, liberals. You won’t control our country’s news forever.


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