Sun sets, moon wanes
Clouds fall in heavy rain
And winds surround and push
Against broken window panes
Shaking my soul Within

The harrowing passing of time
Brings a shiver to my Being

Perhaps it is not time
I fear
But time that goes by—
The setting sun, the waning moon,
The falling cloud, the winding wind
—without You
In my arms

Perhaps it is not in vain
Perhaps reasons abound
Perhaps, looking back, I will Know

But for now,
every thought
lingers around
the One, pervading
Thought of you
And I hope
With every star
I see tonight
To know you

Before the next sun sets
Before the next moon wanes
Before these clouds fall, in heavy rain
Before the wind blows again
Against the dark chamber of my soul

If only I could see your face
Maybe I would Know
The time without you
Does not pass in vain

Published by LP


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